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Canadian Pacific

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What used to arrive today now gets there yesterday. We're helping our customers become more competitive and grow their business with faster and more rel​iable transit times.​​​



**Faster service.** Most direct routes.**Faster service.** Most direct routes.Our routes are 200 miles shorter from Vancouver to Chicago and from Toronto to Calgary and Vancouver than our competitors./ResponsiveImages/fact-icons/speedometer.png/bulk
**In market.** Not in-transit**In market.** Not in-transitGoods sent today arrive tomorrow with our direct and faster service between Calgary and Vancouver/ResponsiveImages/fact-icons/x-trail.png/en/our-markets/intermodal-containers/calgary-and-vancouver-service
**20 hours faster** intermodal service from Toronto to Calgary**20 hours faster** intermodal service from Toronto to CalgaryAt CP, we know our customers want a service that provides the greatest assurance their goods will be on shelves, not stuck en-route./ResponsiveImages/fact-icons/pie-chart.png/en/our-markets/intermodal-containers/toronto-to-calgary-service

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Rail-based transportation is your safest, most cost-effective, and most environmentally-sensitive way to ship.

  • Leverage the span of marine shipping, the efficiency of rail and the flexibility of trucking with CP.
  • Our network of transload facilities will connect you to your customer, even if they’re not served by rail.
  • Railroads are 1.9 to 5.5 times more fuel-efficient than trucks, depending on the commodity and length of the haul.

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​Research is key to creating more survivors. A new partnership between CP and the Heart and Stroke Foundation is ensuring that life-saving discoveries continue

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