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Dining car (A109)

The dining room of one of the CPR "A"-series dining cars built 1929-1931.

Sleeping car "Rochelle" (NS88)

The first-class sleeping car "Rochelle" was built in 1898 at the CPR shops in Montreal for use on the "Imperial Limited" between Montreal and Vancouver.

Sleeping car (NS10830)

The interior of an ordinary first-class CPR sleeping car of the early 1920s as it appeared when arranged for daytime travel.

Private stateroom (NS86)

Private stateroom aboard a first-class sleeping car.

Hopper car (A207204)

CPR series 354600 to 354899 steel open-top twin hopper cars of 62.5 tons nominal capacity built in 1941 by the National Steel Car Corp. Ltd. of Hamilton, Ont. Used for moving coal, crushed rock, sulphur and similar bulk commodities not requiring weather protection.

Observation lounge (NS491)

Passengers relax in the comfort of the observation lounge aboard a CPR 'Mount' series compartment sleeping car.

Pile driver (A200790)

Built in 1907 at CPR's Angus Shops in Montreal, this wooden steam-powered, self-propelled pile driver drove foundation piling for trestles, bridges and other timber structures along the company's rail lines.

30-ton boxcar (A200798)

A 30-ton capacity 34-foot, 5-in. wooden boxcar built in 1902 at the CPR Hochelaga Shops in Montreal for transporting grain and general merchandise.

Trans-Canada Limited (A28567)

Luxurious service aboard the Trans-Canada Limited passenger train.

Covered hopper car (A201340)

CPR's first covered hopper car was this all-steel 75-ton capacity experimental unit completed in 1919 and designed for carrying grain from Great Lakes ports to New Brunswick for export overseas.

Exhibition car (NS16354)

Filled with displays of prairie produce, this CPR exhibition car toured the rural areas of eastern Canada and the northern United States from 1884 to 1896 inducing farmers to resettle on the new agricultural lands opening up in the Canadian North West.

Mail-express car (A205243)

Steel, 80-foot mail and express car No. 3567 was built in 1930 at the Canadian Car & Foundry Company plant in Montreal.

Tree Planting Car (A37152)

The CPR 'Tree Planting Car' prepares to welcome another group of farmers and school children at a small community on the Prairies.

Tourist sleeping car (A201300)

CPR's 13-section steel tourist sleeping car No. 6206 was built in 1919 and provided the economy-minded traveler with most of the amenities found on first class sleeping cars but for a lower fare. The occupants could also make use of the car's kitchen facilities.

Automobile boxcar (A217976)

This steel frame and wooden former automobile boxcar was modified by CPR for transporting wood-chips in bulk by simply removing the roof. The car could then be loaded from above and unloaded through a special side door.

Tool car (A201799)

CPR tool car No. 401679 was built in 1922 for servicing and accommodating the overhanging boom of a 160-ton capacity steam wrecking crane. The car and crane were originally stationed at Chapleau, Ontario.

Sleeping car "James Bay" (A205766)

The 'James Bay' was one of three 'Bay'-series steel sleeping cars entering service between Toronto and Chicago in 1931. Accommodation consisted of three double-bedrooms, two compartments, an observation lounge and a solarium.

Wooden boxcar (A200745)

A 30-ton capacity 36-foot long wooden boxcar built in 1905 at the CPR's Angus Shops in Montreal for transporting grain and general merchandise.

Sleeping car "Rocanville" (A206225)

CPR's eight-section, 2-compartment, 1-drawing room steel sleeping car "Rocanville" was one of 29 cars of this type built for the 1929-1930 "Trans-Canada Limited", which ran between Montreal/Toronto and Vancouver.

40-ton boxcar (A202057)

CPR 40-ton capacity 36-foot long wooden-framed and double-sheathed boxcar with steel underframe and ends, built in 1923 at the Angus Shops, Montreal, for transporting grain and general merchandise.

Baggage-express car (A200443)

This 60-foot wooden baggage and express car No. 4116 was built in 1913 at CPR's Angus Shops in Montreal for use on passenger trains.

Boarding car (A200191)

A 60-foot long boarding car built in 1902 at the CPR Hochelaga Shops in Montreal for housing track maintenance and construction gangs.

Baggage-passenger coach (A200188)

This wooden combined baggage and passenger coach was typical of the type of equipment usually found on branch line passenger and mixed freight-passenger trains in the early 1900s. It was built in 1885 and originally belonged to the New Brunswick Railway.

Dining car "Buckingham" (A189)

The mahogany interior of the dining car 'Buckingham' was typical of the style of accommodation for first class passengers on CPR transcontinental trains of the 1880s.

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