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Code of conduct 

To ensure fair dealings in business activities, CP adheres to a code of conduct. Here are policies that CP employees must follow:

Gifts and entertainment

Inappropriate entertainment, hospitality or gifts from suppliers doing, or seeking to do business with CPR, will not be accepted. Entertainment or conduct in any form that would likely result in a feeling or expectation of personal obligation should not be extended or accepted.

Conflict of interest

CP employees are governed by CP's Code of Business Ethics.

Purchasing code of ethics

CP undertakes to:

  • Deal fairly and honestly with all suppliers
  • Keep negotiations strictly confidential
  • Not divulge prices or quotations received from suppliers, whether written or verbal

At all times CP's policy is to:

  • Provide suppliers with a full, fair and courteous hearing
  • Make requests for quotations as clear and precise as possible
  • Respond promptly to supplier correspondence and inquiries

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