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engineering.jpg​​​​​In Engineering, we pride ourselves on being as strong as the metal we run our trains on. No matter what conditions we face, we don't bend, melt or dent. Start your railroader career and learn where it can take you.

Engineering is responsible for building, inspecting, and maintaining track, signals, bridges and structures. Work with us in an experienced, trainee or seasonal position. 

Seasonal Lab​​​ourer

Seasonal Labourers work outdoors on teams performing moderate to heavy physical labour to build and maintain the track and its surrounding materials. If you are interested in expanding your railroader career, you have an excellent opportunity to become a machine operator from this position.

Your duties

  • Pulling track spikes
  • Applying rail anchors
  • Shovelling crushed rock

Signals and Communications Helper

Signal and Communications Helpers work as part of a team, performing heavy labour related to railway signalling systems, construction and maintenance.

Your duties

  • Installing signal equipment and ground systems
  • Making electrical rail connections
  • Reporting signal colours
  • Pole climbing/pole line repair
  • Use of power tools (i.e. chainsaw, brush saw, gas drills, gas grinders, etc.)
  • Bucket work
  • Shovelling

Signal Maintainer Trainee

Signals and Communications Trainees protect existing S&C equipment (signals, switch machines, detectors) during track renewal construction. Trainees also add new assets to the property.

There are two facets to Signals & Communications (S&C): construction and maintenance. We offer an eight-month training program to become a Signal Maintainer/Wireman. Upon graduation, you will be moved to our construction team where you will be responsible for protecting existing signal equipment during construction or adding new equipment to the property. Signals and Communications Trainees protect existing S&C equipment (signals, switch machines, detectors) during track renewal construction. Trainees also add new assets to the property.

With the accumulation of seniority, you can then apply for a position as an S&C Maintainer. Maintainers are involved with the maintenance and repair of all equipment (signals, switch machines, detectors) pertaining to train control systems. They are also responsible for the maintenance and repair of Crossing Warning Systems and other equipment including fibre optics and wireless communications.

Your duties

  • Trenching, cable distribution, housing installation, assembly of signal equipment, wiring of signal equipment, pole line work, and protecting S&C equipment with Track Renewal teams.
  • Test and verify the correct operation of S&C systems and equipment on assigned territory.
  • Perform preventative maintenance on all S&C apparatuses.
  • Repair or replace damaged equipment.
  • Install apparatuses in accordance with prepared circuit drawings and standards.
  • Make authorized corrections and modifications to circuits and enter the changes on plans.
  • Prepare and submit reports, time sheets, and handle general correspondence.

Track Maintenance Personnel

Track Maintainers repair railway tracks, replacing and repairing various track components including rails, railway ties, fences, and the alignment of track.

Your duties

  • Perform moderate to heavy physical labour on an assigned area of track.
  • Pull track spikes, apply rail anchors and shovel crushed rock.
  • Replace and repair various track components including rails, railway ties, fences, and adjusting the alignment and the surface of the track. 
  • Responding to emergencies and track outages.

Work Equipment Maintainer

Work Equipment Maintainers work as members of a team in a high-production environment performing preventative and corrective maintenance to a fleet of heavy equipment.

Your duties

  • Perform preventative and corrective maintenance of all systems associated with work equipment (mechanical, electrical and hydraulic).
  • Perform inspections and tests, and investigate and locate equipment problems.
  • Repair or replace parts with limited resources in remote locations outdoors.
  • Perform welding repairs.
  • Plan and co-ordinate work with others.
  • Prepare and submit equipment maintenance records and time sheets.
  • Monitor gauges, instruments, or processes.

Shift and seasona​​​​l work

If you work shifts with us, you need to be available for a variety of start times. Start times are set on a weekly basis and may change daily if required. Shifts can start at any time, night or day. 

When work is seasonal, you can expect to be laid off at the end of the work season. You will be called back as needed (and in seniority order) for the next work season. You may be away from home, and you will stay in either motels or boarding cars with meals provided. ​

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