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Intermodal Shipping Services

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​When you choose Canadian Pacific's intermodal shipping services, you combine convenient truck pick-up and delivery with cost-effective, reliable rail transportation.

And on top of being convenient, our intermodal service is strategic. With 10 well-located terminals, we connect major centres across North America both ​with each other and the rest of the world.

Domestically, we move goods for a wide range of industries. Having achieved status as a low-risk transportation carrier for U.S. imports, we're able to arrange expedited customs procedures between Canada and the U.S., helping you avoid transportation delays and added expenses.

To ship your goods overseas, we run to and from four major ports -- Vancouver, Montreal, New York and Philadelphia -- partnering with ocean liners that have quick access to our rail service.

CP has 10 intermodal container terminals in Canada & the US with access to major ports in Vancouver, Montreal, NY & Philadelphia

Intermodal Service plans

Door Direct Intermodal Service

Selection of your intermodal service type is made when you're  getting set up to ship and your account manager can  assist you in selecting the most appropriate service to  meet your needs. 

We provide you with the economies of rail service  for the long-haul and the flexibility of truck service for  the pickup and delivery in one complete service package.  Included are the following:  

  • Delivery & Pick-up of the shipment/equipment
  • Use of standard container and chassis for loading  and unloading
  • Direct shipment transfer from truck/chassis to railcar terminal 

Terminal Direct Intermodal Service 

Whether in a CP-owned intermodal container or your own private container, we provide reliable and  efficient ramp-to-ramp service. A domestic  booking is required for loads and empties originating at all CP Intermodal terminals that require CP-owned equipment.  Included are the following:  

  • One in-gate or out-gate at the te​rminal, per trailer/chassis
  • Direct shipment transfer between  trailer/chassis and railcar  ​

F​or a quote or more information about our intermodal shipping services: