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Shipping perishable products

CP TempPro ensures that your perishable products are transported safely in a reliable, fuel-efficient temperature-controlled environment.

CP TempPro is part of the overall transportation service package that we offer to our customers in order to provide optionality, flexibility and secure delivery of their perishable goods. Focused on transporting products that require strict temperature settings, our growing fleet of refrigerated and heated containers is one of the largest and most advanced in the industry. 

We've also made the single largest purchase of gensets in railroad history. With this investment, our customers can access the newest, most efficient power sources for their intermodal container fleets, and protect their perishable products wherever their destination. Each of our state-of-the-art gensets has the ability to power 17 temperature-controlled containers and are ready to meet your shipping needs.

Peace of mind

Our CP TempPro team has access to 24/7 real-time tracking with the latest in telematic technology, which allows us to remotely monitor our gensets for key data such as location, fuel consumption, and engine running stats to ensure yor cargo is delivered safely and reliably.

Any shipment issues or customer concerns are handled by our temperature-control solutions team.

Our temperature-controlled fleet

CP TempPro's growing fleet of refrigerated and heated containers is one of the largest and most advanced in the industry.  Our new 53' refrigerated containers feature a slimmer design, room for two additional pallet positions, and utilize a greener refrigerant which can decrease global warming potential by 1/2 over its predecessor.

53' refrigerated container

 Usable space: 3,390 cu.ft.
Length: 49'8"
Width: 8'1"
Height: 8'5"

Maximum Payload:
Tandem Chassis: 46,000 lbs
Tridem Chassis: 58,000 lbs

40' refrigerated container

Usable space: 2,387 cu.ft.
Length: 38'
Width: 7'6"
Height: 7'11"

Maximum payload: 54,000 lbs

53' heated container

Usable space: 3,760 cu.ft.
Length: 52'3"
Width: 8'1"
Height: 8'9'

Maximum payload:
Tandem Chassis: 47,000 lbs
Tridem Chassis: 59,000 lbs



CP TempPro is focused on transporting products that require strict temperature settings including:

  • Beverages
  • Confectionery
  • Dairy

  • Fresh produce
  • Fresh and frozen meats
  • Frozen foods
  • Seafood
  • Pharmaceuticals

Cost-effective market reach

Our Domestic Repositioning Program can get your temperature-controlled containers to major export markets faster and more cost effectively.  We market our international customers' temperature-controlled intermodal containers -- which would otherwise move empty -- and use them in the North American market, improving overall service and round-trip economics by reducing empty mile moves.

Our Canadian and U.S. intermodal customers have access to these containers offering a broader range of temperature-controlled containers to meet their shipping needs in the North American market.

CP’s intermodal network stretches from Montreal to Vancouver and into the U.S. Midwest, with intermodal terminals in 10 cities across North America. The new genset fleet will serve CP’s growing international and domestic intermodal markets. 

CP has the most direct rail transportation service between Vancouver and Detroit.

For a quote or more information about shipping your temperature-sensitive products:

Fill out our online form or contact:

Naomi Iwashita
Manager, Temperature Control Solutions