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Belle Plaine rail spur



**Construction** schedule**Construction** scheduleConstruction is currently underway to ensure the integrity of the railbed. Once complete, ties, ballast and rails will be delivered./ResponsiveImages/fact-icons/schedule-icon.png/en/community/belleplaine/construction-schedule
**Belle Plaine** operations**Belle Plaine** operationsUp to two loaded trains per day can be expected during peak seasons and trains will be authorized to operate at a maximum speed of 30 miles (48 km) per hour. ​/ResponsiveImages/fact-icons/train.png/en/community/belleplaine/operations
**Protecting the **environment**Protecting the **environmentWe are committed to protecting the natural environment and historical and cultural resources that may be affected by our operations or new construction projects./ResponsiveImages/fact-icons/leaf.png/en/community/belleplaine/environment

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In 2013,​​ K+S Potash Canada announced ​a long-term agreement with CP to serve as the exclusive rail carrier of potash bound for international markets through Port Moody on BC's west coast and the United States domestic market. 

Together, we will continue to grow the Canadian economy by building an efficient sup​ply chain that creates jobs in both Saskatchewan and across the nation.​​​​​

​​about the K+S Potash Canada Legacy Project​​​​​

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If you have questions regarding CP's Belle Plaine rail spur project, please contact our Community Connect team  at 1-800-766-7912 or email​