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East Side

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MPCA approval of draft 2017 East Side Newsletter_57740East Side6/28/2017
Soil Vapor Extraction Shutdown Evaluation Report_57703East Side6/19/2017
April 2017 Sampling Results SMR - Permit 2289_66905East Side5/15/2017
MPCA acknowledges ES 2016 Annual report on Pump and Treat_57754East Side5/1/2017
East Side 2016 Annual Report for Pump and Treat to MPCA_57804East Side4/28/2017
2017 First Quarter Reporting March SMR for permit 2289_61958East Side4/19/2017
MPCA approves Integrals 2015 Site Remediation Report_57792East Side4/3/2017
2016 Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report Volume 1 of 2_66819East Side4/1/2017
2016 Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report Volume 2 of 2_66820East Side4/1/2017
Postcard announcement of new Repository webpage_66872East Side4/1/2017
Email - MPCA review and approval of Soil Gas and Soil Monitoring Results - Former Waste Rec_66791East Side3/31/2017
February 2017 Sampling Results SMR - permit 2289_61936East Side3/24/2017
Soil Gas and Soil Monitoring Results - Former Waste Reclamation Area_61934East Side3/20/2017
January 2017 Sampling Results SMR - Permit 2289_61932East Side2/26/2017
Update to Joint Community Relations Plan East Side 2017_61930East Side2/20/2017
2016 Fourth Quarter Reporting Period Information and December Sampling Results SMRs - Permit 2289_61927East Side1/27/2017
4th Quarter Special Discharge Report - MCES Permit 2287_61956East Side1/26/2017
email - MPCA approval to temporarily discontinue pumping well MW05-02-T_61939East Side1/11/2017
November 2016 Sampling Results SMR Permit Number 2289_61825East Side12/29/2016
MPCA approval ov 2015 Annual Report Overburden Groundwater Extraction and Treatment System_60899East Side12/20/2016
Discontinuation of Free Product Removal System - NET_57515East Side12/2/2016
October 2016 Sampling Results SMR Permit Number 2289_61824East Side11/26/2016
Renewed Industrial Discharge Permit 2289_57795East Side11/18/2016
3rd Quarter 2016 Special Discharge Report - MCES permit 2287_61955pdfEast Side10/28/2016
2016 3rd Quarter Special Discharge Report Permit Number 2289_61821East Side10/26/2016
Soil Gas Monitoring - Former Waste Reclamation Area - June 2016_57520East Side10/11/2016
MPCA response to SVE Work Plan - FALA_57517East Side10/11/2016
SVE System Operations - FALA_57522East Side10/3/2016
Permit 2289 Renewal - through 2019_57518East Side9/27/2016
2015 Site Remediation Report - FALA_60362East Side8/31/2016
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