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East Side

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February 2018 Sampling Results SMR Permit 2289_62745East Side3/27/2018
Update to Joint Community Relations Plan East Side_62750East Side3/8/2018
2017 Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report for East Side Volume I of II_62740East Side3/1/2018
2017 Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report for East Side Volume II of II_62741East Side3/1/2018
January 2018 Sampling Results SMR Permit 2289_62744East Side2/28/2018
2017 4th Quarter Reporting Period Information and December Sampling results SMRs Permit 2289 _62743East Side1/31/2018
4th Quarter Special Discharge Report for the FALA Permit 2287_62742East Side1/29/2018
Email - MPCA approval of additional soil gas monitoring locations_62751East Side1/29/2018
November 2017 Sampling Results SMR Permit 2289_62058East Side12/27/2017
October 2017 Sampling Results SMR Permit 2289_62061East Side11/27/2017
Notification from Integral to MPCA of Till SVE shut down_62527East Side11/20/2017
2017 East Side Well Abandonment Report_62067East Side11/16/2017
SAAC Handout - November 8th 2017_62080East Side11/8/2017
2017 Third Quarter Sampling Reporting Period - September Sampling Results SMR Permit 2289_62055East Side10/25/2017
3rd Quarter 2017 Special Discharge Report MCES Permit 2287_62082East Side10/25/2017
August 2017 Sampling Results SMR - Permit 2289_67497East Side9/29/2017
MPCA approval to seal MW in vicinity of NET system_57845East Side9/20/2017
July 2017 Sampling Results SMR - Permit 2289_67498East Side8/31/2017
Ashland submittal of 2016 Site Remediation Report at the FALA to MPCA_57847East Side8/18/2017
2016 Site Remediation Report - FALA_67496East Side8/18/2017
Soil Gas Monitoring results to MPCA_62051East Side8/18/2017
Email to MPCA on Proposal for Well Abandonment Request - East Side_62052East Side8/15/2017
Proposal to Decommission Monitoring Wells - East Side_62053East Side8/15/2017
2017 Ashland Well Abandonment _67499East Side8/14/2017
MPCA approval of 2013-2014 MNA OPD report_62092East Side7/19/2017
Email to MPCA - Soil Gas Monitoring Results_62050East Side7/18/2017
MPCA approval of Shutdown Evaluation of Southeastern Area GW Pump and Treat_62049East Side7/17/2017
Final version of ES Newsletter to MPCA_57884East Side7/10/2017
MPCA approval of draft 2017 East Side Newsletter_57740East Side6/28/2017
Soil Vapor Extraction Shutdown Evaluation Report_57703East Side6/19/2017
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