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CP Customer Safety handbookYour business depends on safe, efficient and on-time product shipment. We depend on you to help ensure the safety of our employees and our joint operations while performing switching activities on your property. As we continue to emphasize all aspects of workplace safety, your participation and understanding of safe rail operations is critical.

It is the responsibility of all our partners to ensure that railway equipment is handled correctly, railcars have handbrakes applied, trackage is maintained to regulatory standards and the property has no restricted clearance or tripping hazards.

To help you, we have developed a safety handbook to serve as a guide to safe rail operations, with special focus on customer trackage. We trust you will find this handbook helpful in educating your employees on the hazards of rail operations and will raise their level of awareness of situations that may impact their personal safety, the safety of CP employees and the community as well as improve the fluidity of our joint operations.

Customer Safety Handbook  (PDF, 6.8 Mb)

Our Customer Safety Handbook helps our customers:

  • educate their employees who work on or around railway equipment about the hazards of rail operations
  • raise their employees' awareness of situations that may have an impact on safety
  • reduce the frequency of customer-caused train accidents and personal injuries to CP employees while switching on customer tracks

The Handbook includes basic information including:

  • how to operate handbrakes
  • how to secure doors and gates
  • how to move rail cars safely
  • how to work around railway cars and tracks safely

The Handbook also includes:

  • information on issues affecting the safety of railway personnel while on customer sidings, such as walking and tripping hazards, clearances, and track maintenance
  • information affecting the safe operation of trains, such as the effect of imbalanced loads on car performance and the impact of spillage and subsequent wheel contamination on braking capability
  • emergency contact information

Customer safety letter

Spring 2014 focus customer safety letter (PDF, 90kb)

Operations Customer Contact List

For non-emergent safety related inquiries(PDF, 90kb)

Operating Process Requirements

3rd Party Operating Process Requirements - Canada (DOC, 124kb)

Safety audit

To schedule a CP safety audit or obtain information on contractors available for an inspection or maintenance of track, contact your local CP operations office or Customer service representative

Sample audit form (PDF, 40kb)

Secure & prepare your shipment

CP's Damage Prevention and Claims Services team provides best practices, CP-approved load patterns, on-site inspections, loading and unloading reports, and specialized customer or commodity training programs. 

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