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Grain Performance for 2017 -18 crop year

Working in close collaboration with Canadian government officials, CP has developed a system that allows for open and transparent sharing of information to government on its grain movements. 

In addition to the information being shared with Transport Canada, CP voluntarily publishes a weekly supply chain scorecard. The scorecard outlines CP's performance for the previous grain week and includes, when necessary, detailed information on any internal or external factors affecting grain movement. The scorecard includes movements of Western Canadian grain and grain products consistent with those required by the minimum mandate legislation of 2013-14, as well as movements of soybeans and other non-regulated principal field crops.

Supply Chain Scorecard for Week 42

​Thunder Bay​Vancouver​Eastern Canada​Western Canada​
​US Destinations​Total
​​Metric Tonnes​​​​
​​Week 42, May 13 - 19105,646
  • For a third consecutive week, CP spotted more than 5,000 empty grain cars in the country, with 5,291 in Week 42. Tonnage numbers were down 22% at 469,536, as many farmers turned their focus to seeding.
  • CP expects continued soft demand for at least another week. As a result, the operations team is spotting some dedicated trains to elevators early, and placing some empty railcars into storage. CP is positioned well to meet demand going forward.
  • Total tonnage remains 1% higher year over year, and the four-week rolling average is 6% higher than it was a year prior.
​​Week 41, May 6 - 12143,520
  • With a second consecutive week above the 600,000-metric-tonne mark, and 5,620 cars spotted to elevators, CP's network is delivering grain efficiently in concert with our supply chain partners. We are well positioned to keep this momentum going.
  • Overall volume is 1% higher crop-year over crop-year.
  • The rolling four-week average is -1% versus last year.
​​Week 40, April 29 - May 5114,190
  • Grain shipments this week were the strongest of the calendar year and among the best of the crop year, with 634,458 metric tonnes delivered. This represents an improvement of 36% from last week and 9% over the same week last year.
  • Train cycle times are accelerating, the fleet is balanced between loads and empties, and terminals at both Thunder Bay and Vancouver are efficiently unloading cars. With the supply chain functioning smoothly, CP spotted 5,667 empty cars to country elevators.
  • Overall volume is even with last year. The rolling four-week average is -12% versus last year.
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​CP’s Performance to 2013-14 Crop Year, including Week 42

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