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 Earnings releases

  • 2013 Q4 earnings release 
  • 2013 Q3 earnings release 
  • 2013 Q2 Earnings Release 
  • 2013 Q1 Earnings Release  

 Management’s discussion & analysis

  • 2013 Q3 Management Discussion & Analysis  
  • 2013 Q2 Management's Discussion & Analysis  
  • 2013 Q1 Management Discussion & Analysis  
  • 2012 Q3 Management's Discussion & Analysis 

 Management proxy circular

 Annual Report

  • 2013 Annual Report  - Shareholders may request a printed copy of the complete audited financial statements, free of charge, by email to shareholder@cpr.ca or by regular mail to Shareholder Services, Canadian Pacific, 7550 Ogdendale Rd. SE, Calgary, AB. T2C 4Z9.

 Form 40-F/XBRL Files

  • 2013 Form 40-F  - XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is an XML-based language used for the electronic communication of business and financial data. You may view the XBRL files (contained in the ZIP folder below) by using an XBRL viewer or access the XBRL files (also referred to as interactive data) filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) through the link below.
    ZIP  |  SEC link to 2013 Form 40-F

 Annual Information Form

  • 2013 Annual Information Form 

 Rail summary data

  • 2012 3 year/ 5 year Rail Summary Data 
    PDF  |  Excel
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