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Being rai​​l safe​​​


​​​​​​We view the safety and security of residents i​n the communities in which we operate and that of our employees as our top priority. When drivers and pedestrians ignore signage at railway crossings and along our right-of-way, they put their lives at risk. These significant and unnecessary personal risks often tragically result in death or severe injuries. The impact of these deaths and injuries is far reaching: Employee traumatic stress, families torn apart, communities in mourning and train operations suspended. By having ongoing conversations with media and providing education and enforcement to community members of all ages, we strive to save lives, protect the mental health of our employees and neighbours, and prevent service disruption.

Preventable statistics

  • 133 vehicle vs. train incidents in Canada in 2016; 19 resulted in fatalities (Source: TSB Canada)
  • 69 trespasser vs. train incidents in Canada in 2016; 46 resulted in fatalities (Source: TSB Canada)
  • 265 grade-crossing fatalities in the U.S. in 2016; up from 236 in 2015 (Source: FRA)
  • 511 trespassing-related fatalities in the U.S. in 2016; up from 453 in 2015 (Source: FRA)

How you can help

We challenge all North Americans to be rail safety ambassadors to help spread the word that one incident is one too many.

  • Talk about the scary and 100% preventable incidents with your kids, friends and family.​ Learn more about rail safety through our partner in rail safety advocacy, Operation Lifesaver (Canada/U.S.)​.
  • Help choose the safest route to school or work, and stick to it. Participate in our #Back2School conversation over social media each September. Use #SeeTracksThinkTrain
  • If you are a parent or teacher, use this presentation material​ to talk to kids classes or groups about rail safety.
  • If you aren't a parent or teacher, request an Operation Lifesaver presentation from one of our officers or volunteers.
  • Follow Operation Lifesaver on social media (Canada/U.S.) to spread rail safety reminders year-round.​
  • Become an Operation Lifesaver presenter and deliver the message to young children.​