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Culture of safety

​​​​​​culture-of-safety.jpgWhen it comes to safety, there is always a mandate to improve, and that mandate can be boiled down to the words of CEO Hunter Harrison: "Don't get anybody hurt. Because -- regardless of a railroad's safety numbers or ranking -- even one derailment, injury or fatality is one too many."​

CP has long been an industry leader in rail safety and we are more focused on it than ever, committed to protecting our people, our communities, our environment and our customers' goods. Safety is one of our five foundations of successful railroading and it starts with knowing and following the rules. We are increasing safety inspections, carrying out more internal awareness campaigns and requiring our general managers to pass examinations on rules and regulations.

We are all accountable.

A hard look in the mirror

In late 2013, CP began a comprehensive company-wide review and analysis of attitudes and behaviours, policies and procedures, circumstances related to past incidents, customer perspectives -- in short, everything that impacts safety – in order to develop an unvarnished view of our strengths and weaknesses, and identify best practices as well as gaps. The person in charge of the review reports directly to our president and COO. 

We will use the findings to guide improvement strategies and initiatives across CP under the watchful eye of our CEO. ​