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Emergency Response network


*Map displays CP owned assets and personnel. In addition, CP has a 24/7 emergency response contractor network that provides additional resources and personnel to provide effective response across CP's network.

CP's significant resources allow the railway to provide mutual aid to other industrial partners when needed.

CP Foam Fire Trailers

CP has firefighting trailers that are equipped with Alcohol-Resistant Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AR-AFFF) strategically staged at various locations on our rail network. This equipment can be deployed where required on a moment's notice.

Transfer Trailers

The CP transfer trailer provides responders and contractors with the necessary materials and equipment to provide emergency response, leak mitigation, product transfer, and initial cleanup of hazardous materials incidents. The trailer contains fittings, pumps, and transfer hoses for a wide variety of hazardous materials shipped. The unit is equipped with sufficient supplies to last approximately 48 hours, by which time additional resources can be secured. Protective clothing for level A, B, C, and D operations are also contained in the trailer. 

Boom Containers

20-foot containers with river boom, ropes, PPE, anchor kits, and sorbent booms and pads are stored across CP property and are easily moveable to a spill site.  

Emergency Operations Posts

The CP Emergency Operations Posts provide CP ER personnel and local responders or agencies a professional and functional meeting / briefing location to create, update, and review Incident Action Plans (IAP), health and safety plans, and Incident Command Site forms.