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Canadian Pacific's Intermodal service offers the flexibility of local truck pick-up and delivery with the cost effectiveness of reliable rail. We have the capacity to efficiently handle goods shipped in customer containers or shipped in our own fleet of dry, heated or refrigerated containers.

CP’s intermodal portfolio includes domestic and international services.


Moving our customers’ shipment in domestic containers covers a broad spectrum of industries including: food, retail, forest products, grain and various other consumer-related products within North America.

CP’s provides transportation solutions that are integral to shippers’ distribution and supply chain strategies, by delivering a variety of services that are aligned to shippers’ requirements. We have the capacity to partner with customers and logistics service providers to construct distribution centres adjacent to CP’s primary intermodal terminals as well as the ability to provide terminal services such as storage and transloading.

These co-location and terminal service initiatives extend CP’s role beyond that of a traditional railway and make us an integral part of our customers’ supply chains.


Our international intermodal service offers ocean carriers with efficient access to rail service, to and from ports in Vancouver, Montreal, New York, Philadelphia and to a large number of inland points across Canada and the U.S.
Port of Montreal (POM) and Port Metro Vancouver (PMV), are CP’s two key ports and the  trans-pacific gateway from PMV offers the shortest route between the Canadian west coast and Chicago.

CP has entered into a number of collaboration agreements with ports and terminals in order to grow and further improve service for our customers.

Terminals and Network

CP has been able to leverage growth through our expanded Western Corridor and our strong network of 10 modern intermodal terminals within Canada and the U.S.  We continue to invest in new technologies and infrastructure designed to support growth and improve supply chain efficiency.

CP Intermodal terminals North America


Intermodal Shipping Guide

What you need to know to ensure your shipments get where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Intermodal Shipping Guide (PDF, 120kb)

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