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Arrive a day faster with CP’s new 4-day transcontinental service 

Introducing our four-day transcontinental intermodal shipping service connecting Vancouver to Chicago or Toronto.

Delivering products to markets faster with more consistent transit times, CP is launching an exceptionally competitive transportation solution for intermodal shippers.

Our routes connecting Canada’s Pacific Gateway to terminals in Chicago or Toronto are now a full-day quicker.  And importantly, CP is offering the fastest intermodal service between Vancouver and Chicago.

Whether your business is shipping in-demand consumer products or just-in-time manufacturing inventory, gain a significant delivery advantage to these busy, high-priority destinations when you ship with CP. 

Part of the global supply chain, we’re helping customers become more profitable with rapid, reliable rail.

Contact a CP representative for our new, four-day transcontinental schedules and rates, or submit this form to receive more information.

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CP's 4-Day Transcontinental Service

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