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Take the healthy donations challenge


"CP's train of lights provides a platform to speak about the needs of North American food banks. This is why we are challenging all our event attendees to reach into their cupboards and donate quality nutritious food items to help raise food for those who need it most this holiday season" - Katharine Schmidt,  Executive Director, Food Banks Canada.

With heart disease becoming one of the most rapidly growing health challenges in North America, CP has dedicated millions of dollars towards supporting research and promoting awareness around this issue with our CP Has Heart program.

Many don't realize heart disease is manageable and preventable if you take correct steps in leading a healthy lifestyle. One of those steps is maintaining a heart-healthy diet.​​

Here's how you can help:

Follow Food Banks Canada's heart-healthy donation recommendations and bring:

  • Grain Products – whole grain bread, brown rice, whole wheat crackers, bagels, hot & cold cereals, granola bars, muffins
  • Vegetables & Fruit – canned fruit and vegetables, 100% fruit juice, tomato sauce, canned soup, tomato juice, applesauce, fresh (if storage available)
  • Milk Products – dry milk powder, milk puddings, cheese spreads, fresh milk, yogurt, & cheese (if accepted)
  • Meat & Alternatives – canned meat & fish, peanut butter, canned baked beans, ​​dried or canned beans and lentils

Spread the word

To help make this year the best yet for local food banks, follow the train on social media, invite your friends and family and spread the word about the importance of making heart-healthy donations.​