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Jesus Ramos **CP Police**Jesus Ramos **CP Police**Jesus celebrates cultural diversity in Chicago with his two professions: CP Police Special Agent and mariachi singer/ResponsiveImages/carousels/jesus-ramos.jpg
Alina Killough **Track Replacement**Alina Killough **Track Replacement**Working on the gangs is hard work and Alina fits right in with the team who call her boss/ResponsiveImages/carousels/alina-miller.jpg/en/careers/operations/alina-miller
Meet the **Women of CP**Meet the **Women of CP**Whether at the forefront of our operations or in a professional role, women are an integral part of our diverse workforce/ResponsiveImages/carousels/women-at-cp.jpg/en/careers/why-work-at-cp/women-at-cp
Jim Smith **Conductor**Jim Smith **Conductor**Despite the long hours and late nights, Jim loves the job/ResponsiveImages/carousels/jim-smith.jpg/en/careers/operations/jim-smith
Amanda Symak **Assistant Machine Operator**Amanda Symak **Assistant Machine Operator**Three years ago, Amanda was riding her bike to work in Vancouver when she decided she was tired of looking up at concrete/ResponsiveImages/carousels/amanda-symak.jpg/en/careers/operations/amanda-symak
Jordy Hunter **Locomotive Engineer**Jordy Hunter **Locomotive Engineer**Jordy's love of trains is in his blood/ResponsiveImages/carousels/jordy-hunter.jpg/en/careers/operations/jordan-hunter
David Lucas **Police Constable**David Lucas **Police Constable**Growing up in the Yukon, David is used to working outside, but never thought he would ever get to work with trains and the railroad/ResponsiveImages/carousels/david-lucas.jpg/en/careers/operations/david-lucas
Chad Deschamps **Roadmaster**Chad Deschamps **Roadmaster**Chad is responsible for one of the toughest stretches of track in the Rocky Mountains/ResponsiveImages/carousels/chad-deschamps.jpg/en/careers/operations/chad-deschamps

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Want to be at the forefront of our operations?

Consider a challenging career as a train conductor.

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We recognize the skills and experience that you have gained from serving your country and we want to put it ​​​to work.

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From entry level to executive positions, our professional and salaried positions are located across Canada and the United States.

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​Learn what it’s like to be a CP railroader -- watch Rocky Mountain Railroad on Discovery Canada

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Diversity in the workforce

We support an open and honest work environment where all employees are given equal opportunity to contribute and develop.

Employee on track

Health and safety of our employees

No job is so important that proper time cannot be taken to do it safely. At Canadian Pacific, safety is an absolute priority.


Our foundations

Whether you interact with us in the field or the office, you will find our employees all have the same focus.

Employee Railroad

Pay & Benefits

We offer competitive pay and benefits so you can enjoy a rewarding work-life balance and a lifetime of passion for railroading.

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Browse through our current openings and join our highly skilled, flexible and committed workforce.​

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