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Canadian Pacific Railway

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We're moving our customers' goods further, faster, and more efficiently than ever before



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Port Saint John is undergoing significant infrastructure upgrades. A longer, stronger pier, a deeper berth and wider channel will allow for increased capacity and larger vessels. As a result, CP will be able to offer its customers a broader and more efficient service offering.

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Solar Panels


CP is proud to announce it has completed the installation of a solar energy farm at our Calgary headquarters. The project will help avoid an estimated 2,600 tonnes of carbon emissions a year, equal to taking approximately 570 cars off the road.

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Spin for a Veteran

CP raised over $400,000 at the fourth annual Spin for a Veteran event with all funds going to building affordable housing for homeless veterans in support of the Homes for Heroes Foundation.

Spin for a Veteran

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CP is proactively monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic situation and taking appropriate action. Our trains continue to operate throughout North America and the U.S.-Canada border remains open for trade.

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