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By investing in technology and championing innovation, CP is solidifying our position as a leader in moving the economy safely and efficiently. Explore how we connect to industry advances in every part of our business.

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Portal Live-Lift

We can lift single containers off of trains for inspection by customs authorities rather than holding-up entire intermodal railcars - providing faster shipping to our customers.

Efficiency Through Design

CP’s Alyth Yard redesign allows for greater efficiencies and maximizes capacity in order to deliver customers products faster.

Choose The Service You Need

Standard, premium or flex? Our Demand Management solution lets you pick the speed of service and the rate. Learn more about our precision rail intermodal shipping solutions.

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Predictive analytics is a key part of our technology-driven train inspection program. In our industry, we are at the forefront of predictive analytics – using our patented technology, we accumulate Big Data on locomotives, railcars and track infrastructure. As a result of this data, we are able to anticipate issues and take preventative measures before an incident occurs.

  • CP's patented algorithm has resulted in a 95% reduction in bearing failures during scheduled service, keeping our trains moving quickly and safely across our network.
  • Our predictive analytics innovation was recognized with a safety award by the Railway Association of Canada in 2018.

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**Autonomous** Track Geometry Measurement System**Autonomous** Track Geometry Measurement SystemThis system uses a non-contact, laser-based optical measuring system attached beneath a boxcar for near real-time defect detection to predict track deterioration, thus improving service, reducing derailments and unplanned work outages./ResponsiveImages/carousels/innovation-atm.png/en/about-cp/innovation/predictive-analytics
Automated **Bridge Monitoring**Automated **Bridge Monitoring**This system monitors the conditions of bridge components in real-time and sends an alarm in case of any issues. Highly portable and powerful devices capture small movements, vibrations and temperature fluctuations./ResponsiveImages/carousels/bridges-innovation.jpg/en/about-cp/innovation/predictive-analytics
**Train Inspection** Portal System**Train Inspection** Portal SystemCP uses an undercarriage imaging system to inspect the underside of all passing railcars and locomotives enabling CP to identify missing bolts, bent or broken brake rigging, open bottom gates, broken couple systems and draft arrangements./ResponsiveImages/carousels/innovation-train-vision.png/en/about-cp/innovation/predictive-analytics
Acoustic **Sensors**Acoustic **Sensors**By using acoustic detectors, we are able to predict when bearings are going to fail three months in advance. By pulling and repairing assets as soon as issues are detected, we have reduced online bearing related failures by 95%./ResponsiveImages/carousels/innovation-acoustic-sensors.png/en/about-cp/innovation/predictive-analytics
Wheel Impact **Load Detectors**Wheel Impact **Load Detectors**Our wheel impact load detectors, located on the rails, precisely measure and produce alerts for overweight or severely imbalanced railcars. CP can now forecast individual freight car wheel life and be more proactive to avoid service interruptions./ResponsiveImages/carousels/innovation-wheels.png/en/about-cp/innovation/predictive-analytics

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​Our commitment to safety is ingrained in every aspect of our business and at every level of our organization. This is why CP has been recognized as the safest railway in North America for the past 13 years.



Industry-leading **HazMat Training**Industry-leading **HazMat Training**In the past 5 years, CP has trained over 25,000 first responders on HazMat response across North America, teaching first responders how to effectively respond to railway incidents./ResponsiveImages/carousels/project-alpan-innovation.jpg/en/safety/transporting-dangerous-goods/Hazmat-training
**Emergency Management** Software**Emergency Management** SoftwareHailed as the gold standard in the emergency management software industry, CP’s Hexagon application unifies critical communications from the public, external agencies and across CP’s internal response network./ResponsiveImages/carousels/hexagon-innnovation.JPG
**Virtual** Classroom**Virtual** ClassroomCP's Augmented Reality technology helps CP Hazmat Officers coach first responders how to safely respond to train derailments./ResponsiveImages/carousels/augmented-reality-innovation2.jpg
Locomotive **Simulator**Locomotive **Simulator**Recognized with a Railway Association of Canada safety award in 2018, our cutting-edge locomotive engineer training simulation program has been developed so trainees can experience real life locomotive operations, with live scenarios and consequences./ResponsiveImages/carousels/innovation-locomotive-simulator.jpg

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We value the connections we build with our customers by providing the most innovative products and services to keep their goods moving quickly, efficiently and safely.



**Robotic** Process Automation**Robotic** Process AutomationCP is using "BOTS" to automate high-volume manual activities to increase accuracy, reduce costs and improve customer service./ResponsiveImages/carousels/bots-carousel.png/en/about-cp/innovation/robotic-process-automation
**High-Capacity Grain Hoppers****High-Capacity Grain Hoppers**CP’S $500 million investment in new high-capacity grain hoppers has substantial benefits for customers, farmers, and the supply chain./ResponsiveImages/carousels/grain-hopper-innovation-1.jpg/en/our-markets/grain/supply-chain-capacity-and-efficiency
**Choose Your Service****Choose Your Service** Standard, premium or flex? Our Demand Management solution lets our customers pick the speed of service and the rate. /ResponsiveImages/carousels/demand-management-innovation.jpg
**Improving Customs Inspections****Improving Customs Inspections**Our Live-Lift lets us lift single containers off of trains for inspection by customs authorities, eliminating delays to containers not flagged for inspection, making it easier and faster for customers to do cross-border business./ResponsiveImages/carousels/live-lift-innovation.jpg
**Faster Service****Faster Service**Truck and container processing times at CP intermodal facilities have been significantly reduced with our FastPass automated gate kiosks./ResponsiveImages/carousels/fastpass-innovation.jpg
Enhanced **Visibility**Enhanced **Visibility**With 2,000 BlackBerry Radar Asset Monitoring devices being installed on our chassis fleet, customers will be able to receive near real-time information and analytics on location, motion, mileage, utilization, dwell and turn times, on their shipments. /ResponsiveImages/carousels/blackberry-2.jpg
**Efficiency** Through Design**Efficiency** Through DesignCP’s Alyth Yard redesign allows for greater efficiencies and maximizes capacity in order to deliver customers products faster./ResponsiveImages/carousels/alyth-redesign.jpg
**CP TempPro****CP TempPro**Our growing fleet of refrigerated and heated containers is one of the largest and most advanced in the industry./ResponsiveImages/carousels/temppro-innovation.jpg/en/choose-rail/temp-pro

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From locomotives and railcars to tracks and infrastructure, we're making significant improvements by leveraging existing assets and investing in new technologies. Our modernized railway fleet and infrastructure are improving reliability and safety while enhancing the overall supply chain.



Meet The **Trainsformer**Meet The **Trainsformer**These bright yellow machines are the Swiss Army knives in our toolbox of work equipment machines./ResponsiveImages/carousels/trainsformer-innovation.jpg/en/about-cp-site/Documents/trainsformer-infographic.pdf
Locomotive **Modernization**Locomotive **Modernization**Combines the best of current and new technologies, enables volume growth, drives operating efficiencies and cost savings, while improving service reliability./ResponsiveImages/carousels/locomotive-modernization-carousel-innovation.jpg
Track **Inspection**Track **Inspection**Our locomotive track interaction units can identify possible track defects by measuring vertical and horizontal acceleration and identifying unusual movements. We now have the ability to analyze more than 600,000 miles of data annually on our network./ResponsiveImages/carousels/innovation-track.png