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CP and public policy

​​​​​​​Locomotive-mountains.jpgWe work with legislators, policy-makers and regulators on matters of public policy. Our ultimate goal? To create long-lasting relationships with communities and their leaders and build a better understanding of how we operate along the way.

CP operates in a highly regulated environment. Our railway operations and business activities are subject to federal laws, regulations and rules in both Canada and the United States. 

Our operations are regulated by:

The Canadian Transportation Agency​ and Transport Canada in Canada. The Canada Transportation Act (CTA) provides customer rate and service remedies, including Final Offer Arbitration, competitive line rates and compulsory inter-switching. The CTA also regulates the maximum revenue entitlement for regulated grain, commuter and passenger access, and charges for ancillary services and railway noise.

​The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and the Surface Transportation Board (STB) in the U.S. 
The FRA regulates safety-related aspects of our railway operations in the U.S. State and local regulatory agencies may also exercise limited jurisdiction over certain safety and operational matters of local significance.

The STB regulates commercial aspects of CP's railway operations in the U.S. The STB is an economic regulatory agency with the fundamental mandate from Congress of resolving railroad rate and service disputes and reviewing proposed railroad mergers. The STB serves as both an adjudicatory - a referee - and a regulatory body.

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