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CTA Review

​​​​​​​​From the beginning, CP helped build an infrastructure that not only connects a nation, but connected a nation to the world. CP's continued investment in growth, efficiency​ and safety assures we will meet the global demands of the future. And we will keep Canada strong in the process.

In this submission to the Canada Transportation Act Review Panel, CP presents some ideas for consideration on how to promote investment, increase capacity, support safety, advance supply chain cooperation and integration as well as improve the supply chain.

​​​​​​Read CP's submission to the Canada Transportation Act Review Panel here​


  • CP recommends the Government respect the overarching transportation policy enacted by Parliament and not renew the anti-commercial provisions of Bill C-30 in 2016. Simply stated, they lack any sort of sound evidentiary or policy foundation.
  • CP recommends shipper remedy provisions in the CTA recognize:
    · The network nature of the rail sector
    · Competitive alternative available to a customer
    · The timeframe for Agency decisions not be shortened.
  • CP recommends that the Agency, in making a service order, should not ignore safety concerns.​​
  • CP recommends that the timelines for decisions on service matters under the CTA be maintained or lengthened
  • CP recommends a rationalization of the legislative provisions available to customers prescribed by the CTA.
  • CP recommends removal of the MRE and the full commercialization of grain transportation.
  • CP recommends transportation policy in Canada be harmonized with the United States.
  • CP recommends that the Minister of Transport have the sole authority to approve new crossings and should only do so as an option of last resort upon evidence of clear need and adequate safety. In the event of a new crossing opening an existing crossing should be closed so that there is no net increase in the number of crossings. The overall goal should be to reduce the number of crossings which will benefit overall public safety.
  • CP recommends that the federal government undertake the necessary legislative changes to allow railways to use Locomotive Voice and Video Recorders (LVVRs) to proactively improve safety.
  • CP recommends that the Canadian Transportation Agency assess the impacts on operations and safety in decisions related to noise and vibration.​​