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Three year plan

​​​​CP's Three Year Rail Network Plan indicates where on our line we intend to take steps to discontinue operations in the next three years. This plan is kept up to date and also indicates for each of our lines our intent to continue operations​. 

​​​​Pursuant to Section 141 of the Canada Transportation Act, Canadian Pacific Railway Company (CP) has updated its Three-Year Rail Network Plan.

This Plan consists of two schedules:

Schedule A

Revised November 23, 2022

Following is a comprehensive list of all lines in Canada that Canadian Pacific Railway Company intends "To Discontinue" within the next three years.  It is an update of the CP Three-Year Rail Network Plan dated May 2, 2022.

This list of lines includes all connecting auxiliary track.

The list has an east-to-west orientation based on the Freight Station Accounting Code (station numbering system used by railways for waybilling purposes).

Schedule A

Schedule B

Schedule B (below) is comprised of a map. It is included to graphically illustrate CP's rail network and to provide general information only about CP's Network Plan.

A​ line designated as "To Discontinue" means that CP intends to discontinue operating the line if it is not transferred.​

Schedule B​