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Schedule A

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Canadian Pacific Railway Company
Three-Year Rail Network Plan

Revised November 29, 2016

Following is a comprehensive list of all lines in Canada that Canadian Pacific Railway Company intends "To Discontinue" within the next three years.  It is an update of the CP Three-Year Rail Network Plan dated August 30, 2016.

This list of lines includes all connecting auxiliary track.

The list has an east-to-west orientation based on the Freight Station Accounting Code (station numbering system used by railways for waybilling purposes).

​​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​​Approx. Distance
​Subdivision ​​​Province Between​ And​ Miles​ KM​
​​​Alexandria (1)​ON​Mile 72.4​Mile 76.33​3.9​6.3
​Beachburg (1)ON​Mile 0.4Mile 6.0​5.6​9.0
​M & O (1)​ON​Mile 82.5Mile 83.5​1.0​1.6​
​Norampac SpurON​Mile 0.1
(In Quinte West)
​Mile 0.8​0.71.1​
​Great West Timber Lead
ON​Mile 0.04 (Thunder Bay)​Mile 0.750.71​1.1​
​Transcona Lead​​MB​Mile 2.4 (Winnipeg)​Mile 2.8​0.4​0.6
​Hatton​SK​Mile 0.1 (Near Hatton)​Mile 17.8
(near Golden Prairie)
​Kerrobert and Rosetown Spur​SK​Mile 10.6 (near Conquest)​Mile 60.7
(near Herschel)
​Radville 2​SK​Mile 0.5 (near Weyburn)​Mile 70.5
(near Bengough)
​Kelvington​SK Mile 0.1
(near Berth)
(near Kelvington)​​
​Sutherland Industrial Spur​SK​Mile 0.1​Mile 0.6​​0.50.8​
​Breton​AB​Mile 15.1 (near Buford)​Mile 28.47 (near Sunnybrook)​13.4​21.6
​Cardston​AB​Mile 0.1 (near Stirling)

Mile 7.8
(near Raymond)​

​Van Horne Spur & Industrial Lead ​​BC​Mile 0.08​Mile 0.55​1.071.72​

​​Km - conversion based on 1.609 kilometres per mile
(1) - Jointly operated by CN and CP​​​