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2020-2021 Winter Planning Initiatives & Investments

Effective winter planning is essential to CP because winter weather conditions can profoundly affect railway operations.

CP's plan demonstrates proven improvements, driven by sophisticated weather prediction modeling, sustainable volume targets, robust contingency plans, significant investment in track infrastructure and rolling stock, as well as proactive coordination and planning with our customers and the broader supply chain.

$1.6 billion in Capital Investments in 2020

Network investments include measures to increase capacity and protect against adverse weather conditions. These improvements consist of:

  • Replacing depleted track assets and upgrades to our network 
  • From 2018-2020 CP added 201 modernized locomotives.
  • Information technology
  • Network enhancements
  • Rolling stock
  • Positive Train Control
  • Other basic replacements

Technology & Innovation

CP has innovative technology to detect and manage potential challenges and network disruptions to keep shipments moving safely and on schedule, including:

  • Remotely measuring wheel temperatures, reducing the number of bad order cars and increasing system efficiency
  • Predictive analytics to mitigate locomotive and rolling stock failures before they happen
  • Real-time track-level monitoring of ambient temperatures across our network
  • High speed camera train inspection systems
  • Implementing communication tools -- developed with our customers -- that will facilitate timely and detailed communications through our customer portal

Winter Readiness

During the winter months, we have the most advanced systems and equipment to deal with unpredictable winter conditions.

  • CP plow-spreaders and snowfighters
  • Railway switch heaters
  • Snow rock slide fences and snow sheds
  • Proactive avalanche management
  • Real-time winter weather-monitoring systems to rapidly detect and communicate changing weather conditions

Moving Grain

Our dedication to grain has always been a priority. CP plans to invest more than a half-billion dollars in new high-capacity grain hoppers over four years and:

  • Plans to order approximately 5,900 hopper cars in total, representing 40% of our total hopper car fleet, enabling the removal of all low-capacity hoppers from the fleet.
  • Plans to supply and spot up to 5,850 grain hopper cars each week.
  • Will have the capacity to move 31.4 million metric tonnes of grain and grain products during the 2020-2021 crop year.

Our Commitment to Safety and Service

CP prides itself on operating safely. It's not just a requirement for doing business, it's part of who we are. This unwavering commitment to safety is why CP led the industry for the 14th consecutive year in 2019, with the lowest train accident frequency rate among Class 1 railroads in North America.

This is even more important in the winter months when weather intensifies and conditions worsen. CP takes all the necessary precautions to ensure safety is adhered to for our employees, customers and communities.

2020-2021 Winter Contingency Plan Report

Proper winter planning helps prepare the railway for all winter scenarios, thereby ensuring a resilient rail system that can continue serving the needs of our customers – and by extension the needs of the broader economy – even during the harshest winter operating conditions.

Read our 2020-2021 Winter Contingency Plan Report here

The 2020-2021 Winter Contingency Plan is a requirement under section 151.01(2) of the Canada Transportation Act


2019-2020 Winter Contingency Plan Report

The 2019-2020 Winter Contingency Plan is a requirement under section 151.01(2) of the Canada Transportation Act

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2018-2019 Winter Contingency Plan Report

The 2018-2019 Winter Contingency Plan is a requirement under section 151.01(2) of the Canada Transportation Act.

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