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Executive profiles

​​​​​​Keith Creel

Keith Creel

President and Chie​f Executive Officer

Nadeem Velani

Nadeem Velani​​​

Executive Vice-President and ​Chief Financial Officer

Mark Redd

Mark Redd​

Executive Vice-President Operations

​ ​​
John Brooks

John Brooks​

Executive Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer​​​

Tracy L. Miller

​Tracy L. Miller

Senior Vice-President Operations Southern and Eastern Region

​​Scott MacDonald

Scott MacDonald

Senior Vice-President Engineering, Mechanical and Procurement

Laird Pitz

Laird Pitz

Senior Vice-President and Chief Risk Officer

Jeffrey Ellis

Jeffrey J. Ellis​

Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary

​​James Clements

James Clements

Senior Vice-President Strategic Planning and Technology Transformation

​​Greg Squires

Greg Squires

Senior Vice-President Operations Western Region

Jason M. Ross

​Jason M. Ross

Vice-President Operations Southern Region

Ben Serena

Ben Serena

Vice-President Operations Eastern Region

Nicholas C. Walker

Nicholas C. Walker

Vice-President Operations Western Region

Joan Hardy

Joan Hardy​

Vice-President Sales and Marketing - Grain and Fertilizer​​

Coby Bullard

Coby Bullard​

Vice President Sales and Marketing - Merchandise, ECP, Intermodal and Automotive


Jonathan Wahba

Jonathan Wahba​

Vice-President, Commercial Integration

Mike Mohan

Mike Mohan​

Vice-President Sales and Marketing - Regional Sales and Transload

​​Mike Foran

Mike Foran​

Vice-President Market Strategy and Asset Management​

Chad Rolstad

Chad Rolstad

Vice-President Human Resources and Chief Culture Officer

Pam Arpin

Pam Arpin

Vice-President and Chief Information Officer

Ian Gray

Ian Gray

Vice-President Financial Planning and Accounting

Justin Meyer

Justin Meyer

Vice-President Engineering

​ ​​ ​