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John Brooks

Executive Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer​

John Brooks was appointed Executive Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer in February 2019.

Throughout John's sales and marketing career, he has held senior responsibilities in all lines of business, including coal, chemicals, merchandise products, grain and intermodal. He began his railroading career with Union Pacific and later helped start I&M Rail Link, LLC, which was purchased by the Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Railroad (DM&E) in 2002. John was Vice-President of Marketing at the DM&E prior to it being acquired by CP in 2007.

John is responsible for CP's business units and leads a group of highly capable sales and marketing professionals across North America. John is also responsible for strengthening partnerships with existing customers, generating new opportunities for growth, enhancing the value of the company's service offerings and developing strategies to optimize CP's book of business.

With more than 24 years in the railroading business, John brings a breadth of experience to the CMO role that is pivotal to CP's continued and future success.