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By investing in technology and championing innovation, CP is solidifying our position as a leader in moving the economy safely and efficiently. Explore how we connect to industry advances in every part of our business.

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Portal Live-Lift

We can lift single containers off of trains for inspection by customs authorities rather than holding-up entire intermodal railcars - providing faster shipping to our customers.

Efficiency Through Design

CP’s Alyth Yard redesign allows for greater efficiencies and maximizes capacity in order to deliver customers products faster.

Choose The Service You Need

Standard, premium or flex? Our Demand Management solution lets you pick the speed of service and the rate. Learn more about our precision rail intermodal shipping solutions.

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Predictive analytics is a key part of our technology-driven train inspection program. In our industry, we are at the forefront of predictive analytics – using our patented technology, we accumulate Big Data on locomotives, railcars and track infrastructure. As a result of this data, we are able to anticipate issues and take preventative measures before an incident occurs.

  • CP's patented algorithm has resulted in a 95% reduction in bearing failures during scheduled service, keeping our trains moving quickly and safely across our network.
  • Our predictive analytics innovation was recognized with a safety award by the Railway Association of Canada in 2018.

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​Our commitment to safety is ingrained in every aspect of our business and at every level of our organization. This is why CP has been recognized as the safest railway in North America for the past 13 years.



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We value the connections we build with our customers by providing the most innovative products and services to keep their goods moving quickly, efficiently and safely.



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From locomotives and railcars to tracks and infrastructure, we're making significant improvements by leveraging existing assets and investing in new technologies. Our modernized railway fleet and infrastructure are improving reliability and safety while enhancing the overall supply chain.