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Our purpose

Founded in 1881 to connect Canada, today we deliver transportation solutions that connect North America and the world.

By doing this safely and efficiently, we create long-term sustainable value for our shareholders and the broader economy.

Our Culture

We are an operating company with a team of dedicated, professional, community-minded railroaders, providing superior service for our customers, by doing what we say we are going to do.

CP’s culture is guided by three core values: accountability, diversity and pride. These values drive our actions, foster respect and inspire our journey towards excellence.

Our people drive our growth; our culture is the engine.

Our Strategy

We are grounded in the foundations of precision scheduled railroading. We operate safely, optimize assets, control costs, provide service and develop people. These are the foundations that have led CP’s turnaround from 2012 to today – taking us from industry laggard to industry leader.

From our multi-year strategic and business plans to our daily operations and sales and marketing playbooks, everything we do is driven by, and tested against, our purpose, our values and the foundations of precision scheduled railroading.

We are environmental stewards who believe in re-investing in our business for long-term, sustainable and low-cost growth.

The proof is in our actions

Providing a competitive advantage

  • Operating efficiencies of precision scheduled railroading
  • Providing the fastest routes in key lanes to key destinations
  • Offering a total transportation product and service enhancements unique to CP including capacity for co-location, opportunity for expanded transload offerings
  • Continued commitment to capital expenditures to enhance network, increase capacity and further improve safety

Commitment to safety

  • Industry leader in lowest FRA-reportable train accident frequency, more than a decade of consecutively outperforming all Class 1 peers
  • Home Safe program to improve behavioural-based safety and imbed a safety culture both individually and collectively
  • Seasonal contingency plans for each individual region, subdivision, rail yard and facility
  • Investing in technologies that improve safety and performance
  • Recognition for safety milestones and exemplary behaviours

Commitment to environmental stewardship and a low carbon footprint

  • Emergency response preparedness programs, partnerships and training with first responders
  • Voluntary and proactive participant in Transport Canada’s Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Locomotive Emissions Monitoring in Canada
  • Annual disclosure of GHG emissions and management practices to the Carbon Disclosure Program (CDP)
  • Enhancements that dramatically improve the fuel efficiency and integration of fuel use best practices, resulting in one of the best fuel efficiency rates
  • Investment in locomotive fleet, including modernization upgrades that improve fuel efficiency
  • Continuous improvement of sustainability practices through a comprehensive review of existing processes, strategies, reporting and performance, through internal and external consultation

Commitment to our people

  • CP’s values of accountability, diversity and pride
  • Committed to a safe and rewarding workplace, supportive of employees and their families
  • Investing in people through leadership development and training programs
  • CEO and senior leadership host regular town halls across the network
  • Employee feedback surveys
  • Wellness program and related initiatives including Physical Wellness Subsidy, Health Savings/Spending Accounts, Benefits program and Employee Family Assistance Program
  • Financial health including retirement and savings programs and Employee Share Purchase Plan
  • Diversity hiring initiatives, including an award-winning veterans hiring program, and training to promote cultural awareness

Commitment to communities

  • More than two decades running the CP Holiday Train in support of community foodbanks across our network, raising millions of dollars while collecting significant food donations
  • CP Has Heart funding programs that support heart health initiatives
  • Annual sponsorship of CP Women’s Open drives community engagement and supports local hospitals
  • CP Police providing responsive and proactive services to keep communities safe
  • Community Connect responding to complaints/issues from individuals, while promoting rail safety through education and awareness
  • Relationships with First Nations communities and cultural awareness training
  • Giving Engine matching employee donations to their local community organizations
  • Community-based volunteer programs and support for local issues