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Selling to CP

​​​​​At CP, we're always looking for innovative proposals for new products or services. Offering Electr​onic Funds Transfers (EFT) as a payment option is just one way we work in close partnership with many of our vendors. 

Initial contact should be made through our Strategic Sourcing contact form.

Update: New procurement platform (Ariba)

Canadian Pacific Railway ("CP") is moving our suppliers towards a new procurement platform called Ariba. This platform will allow CP and our suppliers to work together more efficiently and effectively on proposals, contracts, purchase orders, invoicing and payments.

This initiative is currently being rolled out in phases and our suppliers can expect an email with more details of this new initiative in the coming months.

What we buy

These are the goods and services currently purchased and consumed at CP:

Corporate Services

Sourcing of goods and services for human resources, law & risk management, finance, occupational health services, marketing & sales, corporate travel (including hotel, car rental & air)  and office services (including printing services, storage services, courier & shipping services).


Sourcing of goods and services for facilities management & maintenance, building & office needs, leases, public utilities including water, gas & electricity and crew transportation & accommodation.


Sourcing, procurement, logistics and account payables for locomotive diesel fuel, lubricants, greases, propane, miscellaneous petrochemical products and locomotive sand.

Information Technology

Procurement and sourcing of all information technology and telecommunication goods and services including computer software, technological hardware (including desktop and printers), telecommunication goods & services, technology consulting services and outsourced services.

Intermodal & Automotive

Sourcing of third party services and equipment for intermodal trucking, intermodal terminal operations, and automotive terminal operations.


Sourcing and procurement for goods and services associated with maintenance, repair & operations, shop supplies and other miscellaneous goods.

Operations Services

Sourcing for crew transportation, wreck services and environmental services.


Sourcing, procurement, logistics and contract management of track materials, track equipment & services, construction, facilities construction, design & specialized services, engineering consulting services, signals & communication materials, signals & communication equipment & services, work equipment & related materials/services and vehicle acquisition, parts & maintenance.

Rolling Stock

Sourcing and procurement of locomotives, railcars, rolling stock components & associated maintenance/reconditioning services, cleaning & inspection services.


The suitability of a new supplier, product or service for CP is assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Quality and service enhancements 
  • Improved dependability
  • Capacity constraints with current suppliers and need for alternate suppliers
  • Cost advantages
  • Technological improvements in service and performance
  • Improved competition
  • Record of supplier

Each service or product will be evaluated on an individual basis where applicable.  Suppliers must satisfy CP's Supplier Quality Certification Standard before being certified as an approved vendor. Certification does not automatically guarantee approval from CP for a specific service or product. For more information on standards and technical certification, contact the relevant sourcing manager or engineer.

The satisfaction of our suppliers is very important to us and the early identification of potential problems and open discussion is encouraged to minimize disruptions or losses to either party. The ability of our suppliers to give and maintain low prices consistent with quality and service is also integral to the CP supplier selection process.​