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Contractor safety compliance program

​​​​​​Membership with ISNetworld (ISN) helps us work in close partnership with our contractors as we can rest assured that all workers on CP property adhere to safety and regulatory standards.

If your company provides contract services to CP performing work at a yard operation, right of way location or other safety and security sensitive environments, then an ISN membership is required. If your services are being provided in office or administrative environments or in non-safety sensitive positions then this program is not required.

To register with ISN visit You will be asked to submit company information including work/industry classifications, health and safety data, insurance and HSE information and e-RAILSAFE program compliance.

Your company is still required to register with e-RAILSAFE.

While there is a fee to subscribe to ISN, Canadian Pacific believes the benefits to both parties will far exceed any associated costs. For a comprehensive list of Contractor/Supplier benefits, please read the following:

For further details about ISNetworld, please contact the ISN Customer Service Team at 1-800-976-1303 or visit their website at