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E-Railsafe program

​The eRailsafe program ensures that contractors in Canada and the U.S. complete safety and security awareness training, and a security background check in order to be authorized to be on CP Property. The eRailsafe program is a component of the ISN contractor safety compliance program.

What is eRailsafe?

eRailsafe is a program administered on behalf of CP, which helps to ensure all contractors complete the requisite safety and security training, as well as, security background checks on all employees.  By ensuring all appropriate information is collected, requisite training has been conducted, and security background checks are completed, CP contributes to minimizing the occurrence of safety related incidents, improving the protection of infrastructure, meeting  regulatory obligations and minimizes liability for both CP and our contractors.

Who is req​​uired to enroll?

If your company provides contract services to CP then eRailsafe applies to you and your employees. 

Contract companies working for CP are required to enroll in the eRailsafe system and are responsible for managing the input of their employees to the CP program.  Employees working for contractors are responsible, once enrolled by their employer, to complete the safety and security training and consent to security background checks.  Once completed, each employee will receive an eRailsafe issued ID badge.

This badge will be required while working on all CP property and signifies that the holder has completed this process.

If you have any questions, please contact access_con​ for more information to ensure that you are compliant with this process.

Where does E-Rai​lsafe apply?

eRailsafe applies to any contractor in Canada and the U.S. who engages in safety and security sensitive environments.  This means companies who work for CP in yards, out on track or those who deliver safety and security sensitive products (such as fuel delivery companies) must enroll.  Material suppliers, most delivery and trucking services generally will not require eRailsafe.

When is this re​​​​quired?

It is expected that it will take a certain amount of time to complete depending on the size and scope of the contract services being provided. Therefore contractors should begin the process at their earliest convenience to avoid potential service interruptions.

Any current CP contractors without enrollment will be receiving letters and/or phone calls from eRailsafe with further instructions on how to proceed. 

Why are we d​oing this?

CP has an obligation to provide for the safety and security of our employees and contractors working on our property.  In addition, CP property is considered critical infrastructure and falls under numerous regulatory obligations and programs which require us to ensure that we have taken reasonable steps to ensure the protection of people, property and information.

Questio​ns or concerns?

Please contact your CP contact or the SSG group for more information.  Any questions, which can't be answered can be directed to

Were you previousl​​​y registered in eRailsafe in 2009?

If you were previously registered in eRailsafe in 2009, you will have to re-register and re-submit your employees to the new program.  Any cards issued under the original system would have expired in 2012.


Canada – or 1-888-351-1369

United States - or 1-800-560-6435