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Hazardous materials

The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) and Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) are nationally legislated information programs designed to foster a safe and healthy work place. WHMIS-HAZCOM consists of four elements:

  • Chemical Inventory
  • Labels
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Worker education and training

The primary objective of WHMIS-HAZCOM is to protect employees from the harmful effects of hazardous materials. This is accomplished by ensuring that the required information about the hazardous nature of materials produced or used within the work place is provided to employers and employees. Under WHMIS- HAZCOM, this information is standardized. It consists of specific labeling requirements for containers, and the provision of Material Safety Data Sheets containing specific information concerning the hazardous nature of the product, personal protective equipment required, safe handling procedures, and first aid treatment.


Responsible Care requires that CP has information with respect to risks along its transportation corridors. Commercial Account Managers are required to request and obtain an MSDS from all their customers prior to establishing contracts. The MSDSs are to be sent to the WHMIS Coordinator for input into the MSDS database. 

Supply management & facilities

Strategic Sourcing Group has the responsibility to assist departmental officers in hazardous product selection. Strategic Sourcing Group will consult with Safety, Environment and Regulatory in this respect.


All CP suppliers who provide WHMIS-Hazcom controlled items are required to provide up to date (M)SDS forms for the items to CP's third-party provider, 3E Company, in both English and French ( if the item is to be used in Canada). For more information about our WHMIS program please email

Information about 3E Company


The labels on hazardous materials should enable employees to identify, at a glance, the basic hazards and proper handling that is required. Moreover, hazardous materials are not to be used on Canadian Pacific's property unless the container is clearly labeled.

Two types of labels are to be used: "supplier" labels and "work place" labels.

The "supplier" label for a hazardous material must be clearly displayed on the hazardous material or its container. In Canada, it must be available in both official languages, if requested. It should provide the following information:

  • Product identifier (brand, generic or trade name);
  • Hazard warning symbols;
  • Supplier's identification and/or manufacturer's name;
  • Reference to the Material Safety Data Sheet, i.e. that is available. ​