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Supplier expectations

CP has expectations of our relationships with suppliers. When CP issues a purchase order, the supplier must:

  • Read the order carefully and inquire with any questions immediately;
  • Make sure that legal responsibilities of the supplier are fully understood;
  • Observe all terms and conditions of the order (see related links for applicable version);
  • Ship the specified quantity of materials on a timely basis using the specified transportation terms;
  • Conform to customs regulations, hazardous materials procedures, W.H.M.I.S requirements, etc.;
  • Invoice CP accurately following the procedures indicated on the purchase order.

Upon shipment of the materials, the supplier will be deemed to have accepted all the terms and conditions of the CP purchase order.

Canadian purchase order terms & co​nditions for Services

Canadian purchase order terms & co​nditions for Goods

U.S. purchase order terms & conditions ​​

Suppliers should also consider becoming an EDI Trading Partner with CP. Through EDI, the major documents used by CP and our suppliers can be processed electronically, including supplier invoices and purchase orders.