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Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

General instructions

Acceptance: Thank you for accepting Canadian Pacific’s purchase order.

The terms of your purchase order can found by proceeding to one of the links provided below:

Information Technology related sale*

  • If your purchase order relates to an information technology related sale, please proceed to:

* For greater clarity, an “information technology related sale” can generally be described as: “the procurement and sourcing of all information technology and telecommunication goods and services, including computer software, technological hardware (including servers, desktop, laptops, tablets and printers), telecommunication goods & services (including radio towers, etc.), and technology-related consulting services.”  

However, if you have any questions as to whether your purchase order relates to an information technology related purchase or another category, please contact

All other purchase order sales

  • For all other purchase order sales, please proceed to:

Shipping instructions

Where trucking or courier transport has been agreed to by the parties in writing and CPR is responsible for the trucking or courier charges, shipments are to be routed in accordance with the shipping instructions url link below.  Despite any shipper instructions to the contrary, any and all routing letters issued by CPR take precedence.
Shipping instructions url: