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Train Conductors - U.S.

Train conductors have one of the most unique and challenging jobs available to North Americans. You'll ha​ve unlimited potential and possibility if you're willing to put in an honest, hard day's work every day. Work with us and join our team of dedicated railroaders.

Wondering if the conductor role is right for you? Please complete this Realistic Job Preview to see if you would be a good fit.

Great pay

Average CP train conductor earnings are approximately $99,000 annually.

Paid training

Bring us your high school diploma/GED and we'll take care of the rest. We provide paid in-class and field training for a solid understanding of our safety practices, rules and operations. 

Money in the bank

CP provides a railroad retirement plan, an Employee Share Purchase Plan and health and welfare benefits.

Why CP?

  • $35.50 to $42.50 hourly wage, location dependent
  • Health and welfare benefits
  • Advance your career to locomotive engineer and other career options
  • Become a shareholder with our Employee Share Purchase Plan
  • Health and Wellness programs including fitness subsidy
  • Up to 11 paid Personal Leave Days in addition to annual vacation entitlements
  • Railroad Retirement Board and 401K retirement benefits
  • Scheduled work and rest days

The job

Train conductors are the guardians of our trains. As a train crew member, a conductor travels to various locations with the train, ensuring the safe arrival of cargo to its destination. Responsibilities include switching cars, making or splitting up trains in yards, or moving cars between yards, sidings or tracks. Conductors keep the company and the economy moving. 

This entry-level union position can lead to career growth as a Yard Foreperson, Locomotive Engineer or management.

What you'll do

  • Provide premium transportation service to our customers
  • Safe and efficient movement of rail cars and trains across our network
  • Be a part of CP's history

Apply as a Train Conductor here

Educational partners

We hire numerous conductor trainee students from Railway Training Programs. Get your railroader career started by completing a college Railway Training Program. Check out what our educational partners​ can offer you.


We recognize the invaluable skills and experience you have gained from your military service. That's why we want to be your first choice in a new career outside the military.

Read our FAQs for more information about being a Train Conductor at CP.