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CP Police Service


Through targeted enforcement and inspection, the CP Police Service focuses on public safety, reduces the frequency and impact of train delays, and manages and mitigates risk exposure while also protecting personnel, assets, operations, and information.

As a Canadian Constable of the CP Police Service, you are employed by CP and are also appointed and accountable to the Federal Crown. As an American Constable of the CP Police Service, you are employed by CP and are also certified or commissioned by the state(s) in which you work.

Your Constable duties

  • Provide public safety through enforcement and education
  • Prevent and detect crime
  • Enforce the Canadian Criminal Code, The Canadian Railway Safety Act, and Provincial Traffic Safety legislation
  • Conduct criminal and accident investigations
  • Provide emergency response to incidents and calls for service
  • Protect railway assets, operations, and personnel
  • Work with other law enforcement agencies during investigations and joint enforcement operations
  • Maintain good working knowledge of relevant legislation, policies, and procedures
  • Travel on assignment in response to incidents and for training
  • Assist victims of crime
  • Prepare comprehensive reports and prosecution files and deliver court testimony
  • Manage and escort prisoners

Training in Canada

Previous police experience is preferred, but not essential for this position, as new applicants will attend a recognized police college for at least 16 weeks of training. After the basic police training, you'll take four to six weeks of railway police and safety training prior to being sent to your home detachment, where you will attend a field training (FTO) program.

Training in the United States

In the United States, applicants must already hold a law enforcement commission or appointment in the state for which they are applying for appointment. All CP Police Service members in the U.S. must meet and maintain POST certification or equivalent for the state in which they are employed. In addition to completing a field training (FTO) program, new CP Police Service​ members will be required to take four to six weeks of railway police and safety training in Canada. ​

Join our Police Service and protect the people and products in the communities we serve​

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Visit the CP Police Service website to ​learn more ​about who the CP Police are and how we operate.  Currently-serving police officers will be considered for a lateral transfer.

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