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Real people, real technology jobs

CP has approximately 600 professionals working in Information Services (IS) driving innovation, enhancing safety and improving service and security. Each role and project impacts CP's 12,500-mile rail infrastructure and supports our position as a leader moving the economy safely and efficiently.  

CP is a purpose-driven organization, aligned around core values of accountability, diversity and pride. 

If you are looking for an opportunity to work on exciting projects with the latest technology, connect to our current IS opportunities.

Did you know...

  • Over 500 IS employees work at CP's headquarters in Calgary. Learn about our beautiful Ogden Campus and recent transformation.
  • Over 50 IS employees work at our U.S. office in Minneapolis.
  • Employees support over 250 in-house applications, many that drive Big Data and support predictive analytic business processes. This helps CP maintain its position as the safest railway in North America for the past 13 years.
  • CP has made significant investments into SAP, with over 200 employees supporting customized solutions.
  • IS employees have opportunities to learn about rail operations and support innovation at CP by becoming a qualified Train Conductor.

Meet some of our talented IS railroaders and learn about CP's diverse career opportunities.

Sean Cline, Managing Director, IS Shared Services

“I love working with railroaders. This is such a fascinating business and I am proud to work alongside these talented people. I’m continually inspired by our journey towards competitive greatness.” 

Sean Cline

Sean’s story is a familiar one at CP. Now a senior leader in IS, he can boast that he’s held 13 different jobs at CP. He has held roles on the ground as a Storeman, Checker, Crew Bus Driver, Conductor and in the office environment as a Transportation Service Representative, Supervisor, Order Management Coordinator, Manager Shift Operations, Business Analyst, Manager, Project Manager, Director and now a Managing Director.

His career path started over 28 years ago when he was fresh out of university and eager to pursue a career with a big organization. Now, he leads about 150 IS professionals and oversees an average of 20 projects each month. These days, one of his major projects is focused on improving the transfer of data inside and outside the organization, making it easier for customers to do business with CP and internal departments to coordinate. He cautions not to believe the myth that IS employees don’t know the business. On the contrary, IS employees dedicate themselves to learning about rail operations as their projects significantly transform the way CP’s 13,000 railroaders operate.

Neelima Bhattiprolu, Manager Positive Train Control (PTC) Systems Management

“It’s humbling to reflect that along with my highly motivated team, we’re helping to make the rail industry safer and will forever be part of the PTC legacy.”

Neelima Bhattiprolu

As a new immigrant to Canada with experience in the telecom industry, Neelima joined CP as an application developer on the Train Control Team. Six years later, she manages a team on the Positive Train Control (PTC) project - an U.S. industry-mandated safety overlay technology capable of preventing certain derailments and collisions. Implementing PTC requires the integration of thousands of components across the telecommunications spectrum, such as GPS, Wi-Fi, radios, cellular technology, antennae, base stations and locomotive onboard computers.

Once PTC becomes the standard in the U.S., Neelima will shift her focus to the monitoring and management of our PTC applications.

Harleen Bhatia, Manager Integration Services

“If you are looking for a career that gives you opportunities to learn, meet talented people, and challenge yourself every day to build innovative solutions, CP is the place for you. I have not had a dull day in the last six years that I have been working at CP.”

Harleen Bhatia

Born in India, Harleen never imagined she would work for one of Canada's most iconic companies. When she discovered her Bachelors of Technology degree could provide an opportunity to maintain the software that manages CP's fleet, she jumped at the chance. 

Joining CP as a Systems Analyst in 2013, she now manages a team of 25 people who support application and business integration. The team ensures data from the field about train operations gets to the right place on time every time. She prides herself on having worked on many large-scale projects over the years, the largest being a mainframe migration of 75 applications that required collaboration from more than 100 fellow IS employees. 

Ken Nguyen, Manager Quality Assurance

“I’m passionate about continuous learning and delivering quality solutions to run the railway. If you are a passionate individual with a thirst for knowledge, we want you on our team!”

Ken Nguyen

After completing his accounting degree from the University of Calgary, Ken discovered his passion for software quality and how much fun it was to design test scenarios, manipulate test data and play with software to hunt down bugs. Almost 25 years later, he’s still having fun! 

His CP journey started in 1998 when he led Y2K testing to ensure date compliance of critical operational and financial applications. Throughout his career at CP, he has enjoyed leading the testing of many complex IS projects. Ken manages a team of 20 dedicated Quality Assurance professionals who are just as focused as he is on delivering quality IT solutions to CP’s business partners.

Paul Buckner, Manager Transportation Applications

“Opportunities to travel to rail yards and mechanical shops for a hands-on experience have made a strong impact on me, and helped me understand the direct impact IS can have in making the railroad safer and more productive.”

Paul joined CP as an IS application developer in 1997 and was immediately taken with the rich history and fast pace that came with a career at the railway. Over the years he has developed a wide range of IS skills and held positions as Developer, Systems Analyst, Business Analyst and a Manager of Applications used by Operation and Mechanical business partners. 

Recent years have landed him in the innovative realm of wayside detection systems and technology-driven train inspections. Using Big Data and predictive analytics, these industry-leading systems monitor data captured from passing trains that can generate alerts to improve safe operations, identify equipment defects and reduce train delays.

Ayesha Qureshi, Network Designer

“Whether I’m overcoming a challenge, designing a solution, presenting a business case or putting on my safety gear and going into the field to install something - every day brings me satisfaction. I love working with a team of highly dynamic individuals, many who have mentored me and helped me succeed.”

Ayesha Qureshi

Ayesha found her first job at CP through a 12-week work experience program for new immigrants. Shortly after the end of her term, she found a role as a Financial Analyst leading a Telecom Expense Management Project. With this in-house cost-saving initiative, she worked with 79 vendors across Canada and the U.S. Once the project was complete, she accepted an opportunity on the Network Team where she now designs, implements, maintains and manages CP’s reliable and secure networks that support various train control and corporate applications. On any given day, she may find herself working with a project manager or application owner to build new networks or isolate and find solutions to connectivity issues. 

Ayesha is proud of the community she has found amongst her team and members of CP’s Toastmaster’s Club.

Caryna Pinheiro, Director, Rail Operations Solutions

“The railroad business is fascinating. That in combination with CP’s complex and diverse IS ecosystem ensures that I learn something new every day. I am often inspired by the level of commitment and drive of my technical team to keep our systems in pristine state to support daily operations, while applying ingenuity to drive innovation.”

Caryna Pinheiro

Caryna joined CP five years ago after being an IS Consultant for over a decade in the government, oil and gas and banking industries. 

At CP, she is responsible for the legacy IS applications that handle train schedules, rail yard management, inventory, crew management, locomotive distribution, operational incident management and CP’s external customer web portal. Without the support of Caryna, and her team of more than 40, the rail network simply couldn’t move.

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