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We recognize the valuable skills and experience that you have gained from serving your country. That's why we want to be your first choice in a new career outside the military.

CP's Veteran Management Trainee program was recently recognized as part of our Canada's Best Diversity Employers of 2020 designation. Learn more about this unique training program below. 

Why CP

​What CP doES for Veterans

CP was recently awarded a Gold Top 10 Military Friendly® Employer designation for the second year in a row. Learn more about the designation here.

Mentorship program

CP is committed to guiding veterans through their transition at CP, which includes assigning dedicated mentors who are also veterans. This mentorship educates veterans about opportunities at CP and addresses any anxieties or concerns as they settle into a new career.

Veteran Management Trainee program

In order to set veterans up for success, CP offers a custom-designed Veteran Management Trainee program. This program -- which ranges from 10 to 16 weeks -- is a comprehensive training program where participants learn and practice the critical skills needed to be successful in front-line management position.  Throughout the program, veterans will learn the specifics of their role by participating in a mixture of classroom and on-the-job training. They'll also spend time with other departments within CP to ensure that they get exposure to the organization and the rail industry which will set them up for future success. 

The veteran will be loaded onto the VMT program after they have been successful at applying for one of the following front-line management positions: 

Front-line Management positions include:

  • Operations Train and Engine: Trainmaster, Assistant Trainmaster and Road Foreman
  • Engineering – Track: Supervisor, Track Inspector and Production Supervisor
  • Engineering – Signals and Communications: Maintenance Supervisor and Manager, Construction Supervisor and Manager
  • Mechanical – Locomotive: Supervisor and Manager Mechanical – Locomotive
  • Mechanical – Railcar: Supervisor and Manager Mechanical – Car

Current openings will be advertised at

CP Veterans Social Club

CP has an established veteran network of employees that support each other in a seamless transition to the railway and throughout their career path. At CP, you will discover a community of people with similar backgrounds to support your lifelong career. 

Veterans hiring process

  1. View 'Popular role for Veterans' to identify roles which you feel your skillset and experience are suitable for. 
  2. Apply for a job at CP at  – please be aware that some of our roles are open 365 days a year so there may be a delay between applying and receiving correspondence from CP's Recruitment team.
  3. When you apply you will be asked 'How did you hear about this position?' – please select Military Program/advertisement
  4. Send an email to indicating:

    Military Trade
    Military Rank
    Years Served
    Role(s) you have applied for
    Email address you used on your application
    Cell number
  5. Your application will then be marked as 'Veteran Application' and your military experience will give you an advantage for subsequent stages of the application process. 

Apply here

Meet CP's Veterans

Randi Grice, Rail Traffic Controller

Learning how to guide the passage of trains as a Rail Traffic Controller at CP felt like a natural career transition from her role as a Naval Signalman

Antonio Esposito, Conductor

When he transitioned out of the Air Force, Antonio was looking for a career that would recognize his leadership skills and dependability

James Laney, Assistant Trainmaster

Recognizing his potential to advance and the focus on promoting employees, James applied for CP’s ‘This Way Up’ program, which landed him his current job


Spencer Young, Assistant Trainmaster

Spencer connected with CP's Veteran Recruitment Program to see how his military skills could set him up for a civilian career

Tobias Albrechtson, Carman, Mechanical

As a Carman/Railcar Mechanic at CP, Tobias applies his background in mechanics and leadership skills to plan and organize tasks every day

Craig Volstad, Senior Project Manager

Although he had no railway experience, Craig was recognized as someone who has exceptional organizational and project management qualities


Rory Thompson, Manager of Veteran Relations

After his transition out of the military, Rory landed a job at CP and found there were many parallels and synergies between the military and the railroad

Scott MacDonald, Senior Vice-President Operations (System)

Scott attributes his success at CP to his early military career where he was trained to focus on the next mission, adapt to changing circumstances, teamwork, dedication and flexibility



Hear from military veterans about their experiences transitioning to a successful civilian career at Canadian Pacific.

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