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Antonio Esposito, Conductor

Antonio Esposito, Conductor"Stay focused and don't give up. The civilian world is very competitive. Have a plan before you get out and network with other veterans; it can be a great help."

Born in Bronx, New York, Antonio Esposito worked as a Services Journeyman in the US Air Force for four years. When he transitioned out of the Air Force he was looking for a career that would recognize his Associates degree in Engineering, leadership skills and dependability.

Enrolling as a Conductor in 2017, Antonio loves working outdoors, especially working in the yard figuring out more efficient ways to put tracks together and switching out cars. He reflects that the structured environment of the military prepared him for life at a young age, and these qualities have stayed with him at the railroad as you always need to think on your feet with minimal supervision. Antonio's transition was aided by the strong team environment and veteran network.