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James Laney, Road Trainmaster

James Laney“I can't speak highly enough about how this job has changed my life, and I'm not just talking financially. I'm talking about the irreplaceable bond you make here with CP employees ranging from trainmen to management. We all have a job to do, but we also look after one another.”

Born in Columbia, Mo., James Laney enlisted as an 11B Infantryman in 2001 because he thought jumping out of planes and swimming through swamps looked pretty cool. When civilian life came calling, James left the military with the rank of E-4 Specialist working in light and mechanized infantry.

Enrolling in Missouri Valley College seemed like the best next step, but James struggled with sitting in a classroom as that was too slow compared to the fast pace of life he’d become accustomed to. It became apparent rather quickly that transitioning from a soldier to a civilian could be very difficult.

The core values of the military: selfless service, duty, respect, integrity and personal courage, transitioned very easily into James’ career at CP.  It wasn’t until James found a job as a CP train conductor that he felt he could properly transition into a civilian career. 

Recognizing his potential to advance in the company, James applied for CP’s ‘This Way Up’ program, which landed him his current job as Assistant Trainmaster in Mason City, Iowa. After a few years as an Assistant Trainmaster, James was promoted to Road Trainmaster. In this dynamic role, James organizes freight movement within his territory alongside fellow conductors, engineers and roadmasters.