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Randi Grice, Specialist, Sourcing Corporate Services

Coming up through the Reserves, Regular forces in the Canadian Navy, Randi's last tour of service had her working on the HMCS Provider out of CFB Esquimalt on Vancouver Island as a Naval Signalman. 

When the Forces Reduction Plan became an option in 1995, Randi decided it was time to transition out of the military for personal and family reasons. Randi already had experience in visual communications, having guided vessels to their AOR tanker for fuel replenishment, so learning how to guide the passage of trains as a Rail Traffic Controller at CP felt like a natural career transition. 

Rail Traffic Controllers have a serious responsibility to ensure trains' efficient and safe movement across CP's network. Randi's dedication to the safe passage of critical cargo remained despite needing to learn the differences between communicating via Semaphore and Morse Code and learning how to use complex rail traffic control technologies to convey signals to engineers and train conductors. 

The qualities she gained in the Navy that serve her well are discipline, loyalty and attention to detail. After spending ten years as a Rail Traffic Controller, she changed careers to become a Specialist, Sourcing Corporate Services. In this role, she purchases the railway's 'sticks and stones' for crews to lay new rail ties and ballast. She says that one thing has remained the same in her long career at CP: the comradery of employees.