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Scott MacDonald, Senior Vice-President Operations (System)

Born in Kitchener, Ontario, Scott MacDonald enrolled in the Royal Military College specializing in Mechanical Engineering. He was deployed across Canada for many years until his specialization turned towards the Air Force and Aerospace Engineering.

Retiring as a Captain in 1997 after being the lead authority for the CF-18 F404 engine program, he transitioned from aircraft repair to locomotive repair at GE Transportation Systems. Applying his post-secondary knowledge gained in the military (BSc in Mechanical Engineering (with honors), MSc in Thermal Power) with his leadership and technical skills enabled his specialization to deepen, which led him to a career at CP as Director of Locomotive Maintenance.

In his 15 years since coming to CP, Scott has held seven roles, all with increased leadership accountabilities. Now as a Senior Vice-President of Operations (System), he reports directly to CP’s Executive Vice-President of Operations.

He attributes his success at CP to his early military career where he was trained to have an intense focus on the next mission, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, teamwork, dedication and flexibility. He still recalls that his first year transitioning out of the military was difficult and recommends being open about concerns and anxieties across support systems to successfully adapt to a civilian career.