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Stephanie Stone, Assistant Trainmaster

"Like the military, CP has high expectations of their employees and demands a lot. They also reward accordingly. Ex-military officers have completed a ton of leadership training and even a Junior Captain would have a plethora of leadership experience. They would already have the right tools to be successful as a manager."

Born in Kingston, ON, Stephanie enrolled in the Royal Military College where she completed her degree in Business. Thereafter she explored various ranks and roles working in the search and rescue squadron, transport squadron and in the airforce as a wing comptroller. 

While loving the military lifestyle, community and work ethic, she found herself wanting more control over her career and postings. Enrolling in the Veterans Management Trainee Program, she soon discovered that her leadership, communication and management skills could place her immediately in a role similar to a Junior Officer leading a team of employees with decades of experience. 

Access to other departments to learn how various trades work together has been a rewarding experience that not only enable her to make decisive decisions accountable to operations, but to highlight the numerous career paths she can take. For now, Stephanie enjoys working as an Assistant Trainmaster as she likes to travel and finds the work, pay and benefits very similar to military life.