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Tobias Albrechtson, Railcar Mechanic

"Take that fire you had for serving, and apply the same attitude here at CP. Be a leader, respect is earned, never given."

Born in Montreal, Que., Tobias Albrechtson was always a hands-on type of guy. This led him to spend five and a half years as a Corporal at Lord Strathcona's Horse (RC) as a Driver/Gunner. He was familiar with field environments from overseas deployments and craved an outdoor structured work environment when transitioning out of the military. The railroad industry was a natural fit for his experience and skillset. 

As a Railcar Mechanic, Tobias applies his background in mechanics and leadership skills to plan and organize tasks every day. Every day, Tobias is presented with problems to solve, such as repairing and diagnosing railcars. 

He credits military life for his dedicated outlook and ability to make decisions on the ground and follow through until the job is done.