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Accessibility and accommodation

Accessibilty at CP Headquarters in OgdenCP is committed to providing a work environment that promotes diversity and inclusion, where everyone has an opportunity to fully participate in creating business success.

We have established effective mechanisms for responding to requests for individual accommodation related to: cognitive, developmental, intellectual, mental, physical, sensory or a combination of multiple factors; religious requirements; gender transition; or other personal circumstances up to the point of undue hardship.

Applicants should inform the Talent Acquisition advisor or hiring manager handling the selection process of any accommodation required to progress through the selection process, and/or required for the applicable position.

At CP we hire based on skill and ability. Self-Identification is encouraged, voluntary and confidential and we use the self-identification aggregate data to identify and remove barriers to equity.

“Early in my career I was reluctant to self-identify as a person with a hidden disability as I thought companies would be biased against me. However, I have now worked in many types of companies at many levels and that bias has not proven true. I now choose to self-identify to be candid, ensure my safety and those around me, and because I may require accommodation at some point.” CP Managing Director

CP's workplace accessibility

CP's Ogden Headquarters building in Calgary

CP’s Facilities team incorporates accessible and universal design principles into our new buildings and workplaces and as we upgrade our older facilities.  The decision to relocate CP’s Calgary headquarters to its Ogden Yard presented a unique opportunity to demonstrate CP's desire to provide workplace accessibility to all.

Peter Quaiattini, who is legally blind, was actively involved with planning CP’s new headquarters to meet and exceed accessibility and employment equity requirements.


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Inclusion at CP

al Schuler from Calgary Alternative Support Services and his dog Sierra

Disability education is an important part of our culture at CP. Knowledge gives our employees the ability to better understand the perspectives of persons with disabilities and the proper tools to assist in dismantling potential barriers and biases.

CP’s Disability Management Team assists employees who have specific accommodation requirements and provides training and coaching to managers, on how to best help their employees access these services. 


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Manager Transportation Applications

Paul Buckner, CP's Manager Transportation Applications

Paul joined CP as an IS application developer in 1997 and was immediately taken with the rich history and fast pace that came with a career at the railway.

CP prides itself on providing an inclusive workplace for all our employees, including persons with disabilities. This means processes, programs and services to accommodate employees with disabilities, in addition to ensuring access to equal opportunities for employment.