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Our foundations

​​​​​A building is only as strong as its foundation and railroads are no different. Whether you interact with us in the field or the office, you will find our employees all have the same focus.

Our Foundations

Provide Service

Promise only what we can do. Always do what we have promised.

But remember, what's considered A+ today is B- tomorrow. Our standards and what we offer must always be getting better. This maxim belongs to every department, person and part of our railway. At the core of this value is delivering what we have promised the customer.

Control Costs

Always looking for the better way is in everyone's role. Can we not do something? Can we do it faster, better and less expensively? The answer is always "Yes".

Optimize Assets

Have only the assets we absolutely need to provide the services we have promised. Intelligently exhaust all other ways to improve productivity before spending one dollar of capital.

Operate Safely

Don't get anyone hurt.
Protect our people. Protect our customer's goods. Protect our communities. Protect the environment.

Develop People

One employee focused on a plan is powerful. 13,000 are unstoppable. If you lead people your role is to coach them every day to be better than the day before. If you don't lead people then lead by example. It's the way of winners.​

Work with us

We pride ourselves in offering a large variety of careers that emphasize precision, passion, strength, genuineness and accountability. Find your railroader career and help us keep things moving.

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