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CP's Global Reach to Asia

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CP offers on-the-ground support to customers in Shanghai, Beijing and Vietnam, with plans to expand into other countries. Whether your shipment needs planes, trains or trucks to get from origin to destination, we have the assets, connections and a dedicated logistics team to make it happen.

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Chicago Advantage

Transload & trucking

CP has the best intermodal rail access to the southern Wisconsin market through Chicago, including Milwaukee, Madison, Janesville and Beloit, for shipments from Asia.

Pacific Gateway

Offering importers the shortest distance and fastest transit time compared to any other railroad between key markets in Canada and the U.S. Midwest. CP can help you take advantage of the gateway’s growth.

Cross-Border Advantage

Our recent investment in live-lift capabilities reduces inspection times and eliminates delays for faster, more reliable cross-border service.

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Superior service, direct routes and network capacity are some of the things that highlight the power of our intermodal franchise. With 12 intermodal terminals strategically located in high-density areas in Canada and the U.S., we connect major centres across North America to each other and to the rest of the world.

International Intermodal

  • Access to major ports on the west and east coasts.
  • Consistent low on-dock dwell times at the Port of Vancouver, ensures end-to-end transits for shippers.
  • Our direct route from Vancouver to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area provides the shortest distance and fastest transit time compared to any other railway.
  • Enhanced seven-day-a-week intermodal service from the Port of Vancouver to Detroit.
  • CP's Vancouver Intermodal Facility is able to handle large volumes of import and export traffic.
  • CP’s Vancouver transload facility is strategically positioned, providing multi-commodity transloading services, with direct rail service to container terminals. Being in close proximity to our intermodal facility means containers can be quickly loaded and delivered back to rail, allowing us to deliver containers for transloading cheaper and faster than trucks.
  • Strong relationships with the Port of Vancouver and Port of Montreal leverage our shortest route miles to provide transit time advantages.

Domestic Intermodal

  • Shortest route from Vancouver to Minneapolis-St. Paul, Chicago and Detroit.
  • Domestic repositioning program links domestic shippers to a supply of empty marine containers.
  • Our FastPass automated self-serve gate kiosks improve efficiency for drivers through shorter driver wait times, faster container processing and lower terminal costs.
  • One of the largest fleets of refrigerated and heated containers.
  • State-of-the-art generator sets equipped with advanced telematics.
  • Extensive network of over 100 transload facilities – 25 of which are owned by CP – allows more goods to be containerized and shipped domestically or overseas.
  • Fastest and most consistent service between Eastern Canada and the major distribution hubs in Calgary and Vancouver.

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CP is unmatched in our ability to expand our footprint in Vancouver, the flagship of Canada's Asia Pacific Gateway.

Vancouver Intermodal Facility

Our Vancouver Intermodal Facility operates 24/7 and handles large volumes of import and export traffic. The facility also has room to expand operations, increase capacity and provide customer solutions by utilizing existing landholdings.

Vancouver Transload

Our Vancouver transload facility is generating new growth opportunities by providing multi-commodity transloading services. It’s one of a kind in Vancouver, providing rail service for intermodal containers. The facility utilizes rail for movements between terminals and ports where others must rely on trucks, reducing traffic congestion in the Vancouver area and resulting in a lower cost, environmentally friendly, strategic advantage.

Vancouver Automotive Compound

Vancouver is Canada’s primary automotive gateway for Asian imports and one of the largest destination markets. Strategically positioned at one of the automotive industry’s key North American hubs, our Vancouver Automotive Compound has high capacity to meet the needs of customers.

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Whether your focus is on improving service, cutting costs or entering a new market, we have the experience and knowledge to customize solutions to your unique needs.  Our operations team will manage your shipment every step of the way, dealing with service suppliers, measuring and reporting performance metrics and providing consolidated invoicing.

  • Access to competitive transportation services
  • Focused cost containment
  • Best-lift logistics plan that meets your customer service commitments
  • Integrated invoicing for all service components within the logistics plan
  • Performance measures and monitoring
  • Single point of contact and a bird's-eye view of shipments and orders across various transportation and logistics stages
  • Problem resolution for shipment and information management
  • Trade document management for imports/exports, customs and U.S. cross-border movements
  • Ability to secure railway clearances and routing for safe, efficient and damage-free transportation

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Faster processing times

Transload & trucking

Faster truck and container processing times at CP's intermodal facilities with our FastPass automated gate kiosks.

Choose the service you need

Standard, premium or flex? Our Demand Management solution lets you choose the speed of service and the rate. Learn more about our precision rail intermodal shipping solutions.

Shipping perishable products

CP TempPro ensures that your perishable products are transported safely in a reliable, temperature-controlled environment.

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