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Logistics solutions

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Focus on your business. We'll handle the logistics. ​

Whether your focus is on improving service, cutting costs or entering a new market, Canadian Pacific Logistics (CPL) can help. From the origin to the destination, by land or by sea, our operations team can manage your shipment every step of the way, dealing with service suppliers, measuring and reporting performance metrics and providing consolidated invoicing.

We've got the experience and knowledge to customize solutions to your unique needs, keeping your business efficient and competitive. As the single point of contact, we'll give you more than just a "rate and a route." We'll tell you everything you need to know.​

Our logistics services can help you ship your:

  • Intermodal and consumer packaged goods
  • Industrial goods, bulk commodities and internal products
  • Oversized, machinery and alternative energy components

By trusting us with your transportation plans, you'll have: 

  • Access to competitive transportation services
  • Focused cost-containment (we will look for ways to save money)
  • Best-fit logistics plan that meets your customer service commitments
  • Visibility of shipments and orders
  • Integrated invoicing for all service components within the logistics plan
  • Performance measures and monitoring
  • Single point of contact and a bird's-eye view of shipments and orders across various transportation and logistics stages
  • Problem resolution for shipment and information management
  • Trade document management for import/export, customs and US cross-border movements 
  • Securing the appropriate railway clearances and routing for safe, efficient and damage-free transportation

For a quote or more information about how you unlock the hidden value in your logistics and transportation operations:

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