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Rail sidings to your facility

​​​​​​​​​​rail-sidings.jpgBuilding, expanding or changing your rail siding? We can help.

Whether you're changing your rail siding or building a new one, our business development staff can help you each step of the way. We can: 

  • Find a building site for your rail-served warehouse or manufacturing plant​
  • Build the rail siding
  • Expand or change an existing rail siding to serve you better
  • Approve plans for under or over-track conveyance systems, buildings or other real property accessories that encroach on track used by CP
  • Help you locate a CP line or connect with one of our partner railroads 

We can also help you develop business in nearby communities and become familiar with the rules and best practices for private sidings (covered in our Customer Safety Handbook​).

Construction projects: new sidings or siding modifications

When it comes to new sidings or modifications, trust your construction projects to us. We can: 

  • Provide a list of railroad contractors
  • Provide engineering specifications for your project
  • Approve your plan or suggest improvements
  • Provide a private siding agreement outlining maintenance, service and liability responsibilities
  • Arrange for inspection of the completed service, and initiate rail service

Construction projects near an active industry track

If you're working in the vicinity of a railway trac​k, contact us to make sure you're within the clearance requirements. We can review your plan before you start and approve any exceptions. We'll also suspend rail service and install signage or flags where necessary.

For more information about an existing rail siding or building a new one:​​

Contact, noting the location you are interested in.​